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Looking for the easiest & efficient way to integrate FedEx Shipping Rates, USPS Shipping Rates, Canada Post Shipping Rates & UPS Shipping Rates with your WooCommerce Store? Tired of copying and pasting order details just to create a Shipping label? EasyPost (FedEx, USPS, UPS, UPS DAP, UPS SurePost & Canada Post) Shipping & Label Printing Plugin for WooCommerce is the solution from ELEXtensions; an EasyPost Approved Integration Partner!

Our ELEX EasyPost (FedEx, USPS, UPS, UPS DAP, UPS SurePost & Canada Post) Shipping Method Plugin for WooCommerce is a WordPress/WooCommerce extension that helps you to completely automate WooCommerce UPS, WooCommerce USPS, WooCommerce FedEx, and WooCommerce Canada Post shipping using EasyPost APIs by displaying shipping rates on cart/checkout page, pay postage and print label from within your WooCommerce Store.

EasyPost free services are limited, and for additional services beyond the limit, charges will be added to the specified account. Check EasyPost pricing for more details.


How do the ELEX Shipping Plugins work?

1) Install the Plugin, input your EasyPost Account details and enable Real time rates, Shipping label, and Insurance.

2) Customer sees USPS/UPS/UPS DAP/UPS SurePost/FedEx/Canada Post shipping rates (Configurable) based on items in their cart before placing an order.

3) Pay Postage, Print Label and Generate Tracking info from within WooCommerce order page.

4) Customize the plugin using various settings options. Contact our support if you want to do custom work specific to your business need.



Live Shipping Rate from USPS, FedEx, UPS, UPS DAP, UPS SurePost & Canada Post

Based on the product weight, box dimensions, shipping destination, etc., this plugin fetches USPS, FedEx, UPS, UPS DAP, UPS SurePost & Canada Post postage rates from your EasyPost account for both domestic and international shipping services. The returned services and rates will be displayed on the Checkout page.
WooCommerce EasyPost Shipping Plugin | FedEx, UPS, USPS Labels

Print USPS, FedEx, UPS, UPS DAP, UPS SurePost & Canada Post Shipping Labels

Print shipping labels from within the WooCommerce order admin page. After logging in to the WordPress admin area, you can create a shipment by clicking on the ‘create shipment’ button on the right-hand side of the order details page.

Shipment details would automatically be sent to EasyPost online account, and then the shipping label would be generated, which you can then print. Postage is automatically paid on these labels using your EasyPost account.

There is an option to change the shipping service and box/parcel dimensions (if enabled in the plugin settings) manually before generating labels.

This plugin integrates with EasyPost APIs to print domestic or international shipping labels with a tracking barcode. Although you can create shipments in bulk in the WooCommerce Orders Page, you can use the bulk label printing add-on to create multiple shipments at once as well as print them in a single PDF file.

Enable the signature option to ensure a secured informed delivery. The signature option keeps the sender informed and also confirms when the order is delivered to the recipient.

If you wish to take out the overhead of generating shipping labels manually, you can try our auto-generate and email labels add-on. You can also print return labels using our return label add-on.
ELEX EasyPost (FedEx, UPS & USPS) Shipping & Label Printing Plugin for WooCommerce | UPS Third Part Billing

UPS Third-Party Billing

UPS provides several billing options to offer flexibility to the customers. UPS allows charging the bill upon a third-party other than the shipper and the receiver. Here, the third-party must have a valid UPS account number and also has agreed upon incurring the charges.

Show Estimated Delivery Days to Customers

Show your customers an estimated number of days on which the package will be delivered to the given shipping address. Once enabled, the cart and checkout pages will display the estimated days as per the API’s returned data.
ELEX EasyPost (FedEx, UPS & USPS) Shipping & Label Printing Plugin | Shipment Tracking

Shipment Tracking

The USPS/FedEx/UPS/UPS DAP/UPS SurePost/Canada Post tracking number returned from EasyPost while generating the label would be added to order notes and will be sent as part of the order completion email. This enables Shipment Tracking for customers as well as shop owners.

USPS Flat Rates Boxes

USPS Flat Rates are hardcoded in our WooCommerce EasyPost plugin. There are no USPS API calls made to get Flat rates. The plugin has inbuilt USPS Flat rates.
You can select any of the Flat rate boxes and proceed with shipping without any hesitation.
WooCommerce EasyPost Shipping Plugin | Price Adjustments

Price Adjustments

Configure handling fees for each shipping service, in terms of amount or percentage value. A positive value results in markup, whereas negative value results in a discount.
ELEX EasyPost (FedEx, UPS & USPS) Shipping & Label Printing Plugin | Parcel Packing

Parcel Packaging Options

Based on the weights and dimensions of the products in the cart, the rate will be calculated and applied to the final price of the order. Once the order is placed, the items will then be automatically packed into the configured boxes.
You can choose from the following Packing options:
  • Pack items individually.
  • Pack into boxes with weights and dimensions(Volume Based Packing & Stack First Packing).
  • Pack items based on weight.
WooCommerce EasyPost Shipping Plugin | Separate services for each Package

Select separate services for each package

If an order has multiple packages, a store admin can select separate services for each package. Also, if you have USPS packages, the plugin automatically selects the appropriate Flat Rate box for the package.
WooCommerce EasyPost Shipping Plugin | EasyPost Insurance

Enable EasyPost Shipping Insurance

If a customer wants to secure their items, they can add an insurance option to the package.

Once you enable Insurance option in the plugin settings, customers will get a checkbox to apply insurance to their package, at the Checkout (as shown in the screenshot). The insurance amount is calculated as 1% of the total product(s) amount.
ELEX EasyPost (FedEx, UPS, Canada Post & USPS) Shipping & Label Printing Plugin for WooCommerce | Schedule a Pickup for UPS, FedEx, USPS & Canada Post

Schedule a Pickup for UPS, FedEx, USPS, & Canada Post

Schedule a Pickup through UPS, FedEx, USPS, & Canada Post with the help of ELEX WooCommerce EasyPost Pickup Request Add-On. The plugin uses EasyPost APIs to schedule the pickup for different shipping carriers. Set up a date for the pickup and the shipping service personnel will pick up the orders from you once you have requested.
WooCommerce EasyPost Shipping Plugin | Print Bulk Labels

Print shipping labels in Bulk

With the help of EasyPost Bulk Label Printing Add-On, you can generate shipping labels in bulk and download them in a single PDF file. You can bulk print labels using WooCommerce Order IDs or Order date range. This saves a lot of your time on printing labels one at a time.
WooCommerce EasyPost Shipping Plugin | Auto-generate and Email Labels

Auto-generate and email your shipping labels

The EasyPost Auto-generate and Email labels Add-On makes your label generation task easier by automatically creating shipments, generating labels, and sending an email notification with the shipping label, for you and your customers. This saves your time on manually generating shipping labels.
WooCommerce EasyPost Shipping Plugin | EasyPost Return Labels

Print Return Labels

Using our EasyPost Return Label Add-On, you can generate return labels for FedEx, UPS, Canada Post, USPS, & UPS DAP. You can configure default domestic and international services and set custom return address for handling returns.
WooCommerce EasyPost Shipping Plugin | USPS SCAN Forms

Generate USPS SCAN Forms

With the ELEX WooCommerce EasyPost Generate SCAN Forms Add-On, you can easily generate USPS SCAN forms returned from EasyPost. You can generate a single SCAN Form for multiple packages, instead of generating a shipping label for each package. This will make your shipment processing a lot faster and easier.
ELEX EasyPost (FedEx, UPS & USPS) Shipping & Label Printing Plugin | Easypost Integration

EasyPost Approved Integration Partner

We are partnered with EasyPost and our plugin is one of the most sought-after WooCommerce plugins for EasyPost integration.
ELEX EasyPost (FedEx, UPS, Canada Post & USPS) Shipping & Label Printing Plugin for WooCommerce | Plugin Compatibility

Plugin Compatibility

ELEX EasyPost (USPS, FedEx, UPS, UPS DAP, UPS SurePost & Canada Post) Shipping & Label Printing Plugin for WooCommerce is compatible with,


USPS Services

  • First-Class
  • Priority Mail®
  • Priority Mail Express™
  • USPS Parcel Select
  • Library Mail Parcel
  • Media Mail Parcel
  • USPS Critical Mail
  • First Class Mail International
  • First Class Package Service™ International
  • Priority Mail International®
  • Express Mail International

FedEx Services

  • First Overnight
  • Priority Overnight
  • Standard Overnight
  • FedEx 2 Day AM
  • FedEx 2 Day
  • FedEx Express Saver
  • FedEx Ground Home Delivery
  • FedEx Ground
  • FedEx International Priority
  • FedEx International Economy
  • FedEx International First
  • FedEx One Rate

UPS Services

  • Ground (UPS)
  • 3 Day Select (UPS)
  • 2nd Day Air AM (UPS)
  • 2nd Day Air (UPS)
  • Next Day Air Saver (UPS)
  • Next Day Air Early AM (UPS)
  • Next Day Air (UPS)
  • Express (UPS)
  • Expedited (UPS)
  • Express Plus (UPS)
  • UPS Saver (UPS)
  • UPS Standard (UPS)

UPS DAP Services

  • Ground (UPS DAP)
  • 3 Day Select (UPS DAP)
  • 2nd Day Air AM (UPS DAP)
  • 2nd Day Air (UPS DAP)
  • Next Day Air Saver (UPS DAP)
  • Next Day Air Early AM (UPS DAP)
  • Next-Day Air (UPS DAP)
  • Express (UPS DAP)
  • Expedited (UPS DAP)
  • Express Plus (UPS DAP)
  • UPS Saver (UPS DAP)
  • UPS Standard (UPS DAP)

UPS SurePost

  • SurePost Over1Lb (UPS SurePost)
  • SurePost Under1Lb (UPS SurePost)
  • SurePost Bound Printed Matter (UPS SurePost)
  • SurePost Media (UPS SurePost)

Canada Post

  • Expedited Parcel (Canada Post)
  • Priority (Canada Post)
  • Regular Parcel (Canada Post)
  • Xpresspost (Canada Post)
  • Expedited Parcel USA (Canada Post)
  • Priority Worldwide Parcel USA (Canada Post)
  • Small Packet USA Air (Canada Post)
  • Tracked Packet USA (Canada Post)
  • Xpresspost USA (Canada Post)
  • Priority Worldwide PakIntl (Canada Post)
  • International Parcel Surface (Canada Post)
  • Priority Worldwide Parcel Intl (Canada Post)
  • Small Packet International Surface (Canada Post)
  • Small Packet International Air (Canada Post)
  • Tracked Packet International (Canada Post)
  • Xpresspost International (Canada Post)

About EasyPost

EasyPost is a flexible, modern Tracking API that makes it easy to add tracking and shipping to your app. Sign up and start shipping, Now! Thousands of developers already have.

EasyPost was founded in 2012 as the first RESTful API for shipping. EasyPost has thousands of customers shipping millions of packages each month. EasyPost’s customers range in size from public companies to SMBs. EasyPost allows business to integrate tracking statuses, address verification, label purchasing, rating, and more from DHL Global Mail, FedEx, UPS, USPS, Canada Post and other regional carriers into their site or application.

When you create a shipping label with EasyPost, you pay just very nominal amount per package. You can use an EasyPost label to ship with any of the supported carriers. All other API calls to EasyPost are free.

For just Tracking API and Webhooks, you get the first 500 tracking numbers per month free. If you’re purchasing shipping labels through EasyPost, all Tracking API functionality is free. EasyPost has no setup fees, monthly fees, or cancellation fees. Just pay for what you use and scale as much as you need.

For USPS, all accounts receive a USPS Commercial Plus Pricing, and EasyPost charges you directly via bank account or credit card for anything you ship. For UPS and FedEx your carrier account information in minutes via EasyPost website. All billing for packages will continue through your carriers with your negotiated rates.


For the integration to work, you need to enter user credentials in the settings screen of EasyPost plugin. For obtaining EasyPost credentials, you have to sign up for an EasyPost account.

Top Testimonials

PhelipeVerified owner
This plugin makes life so much easier and technical support is always on top of things to help you out.
DavidVerified owner
Great plugin, wonderful support and response time.
TonyaVerified owner
Very helpful plugin. I contacted the support team regarding a couple bugs and they released a fix in just a few days! Good doing business with you guys.
DanVerified Owner
Plugin (and the level of support) are great. I had an issue where I wasn’t setting the box weights correctly. I had weight and max weight both as high values. Note to anyone else w/ this issue: set the box weight to 0 or a very low value, then max-weight to the actual max-weight.

After this was corrected, I saw my boxes being selected correctly based on the individual order items. Thanks, this info really saved me!

Live Demo

You Want To Try It For Yourself? Check out the Live Demo.


Check out our documentation on Setting Up, Trouble-shooting, FAQs & Code Snippets.


Want to Consult Us on a Unique Case or Got a Question? Contact us. We will be Quick!


What happens when the one year license expires?

After the plugin’s one year license expires, the plugin will continue to work as usual, but the download permission will be revoked. So, the updates for the plugin will stop.

Is this compatible with a Multi-Vendor plugin?

Yes, the plugin works with multi-vendor plugins by associating with WooCommerce Multi-Vendor Support for ELEX Shipping Plugins.

Can I use Thermal printer using this plugin?

If your printer supports the PDF format for labels, then It will work fine. But we don’t have the option to choose the label format as ZPL or EPL.

Can the plugin send the label to the customer automatically so that they can send their product to us for repair?

The plugin has the option only for outgoing shipments. We don’t have the option for return shipments.

Will EasyPost pick up the packages or do I need to drop them at the postal office?

Our plugin does not have the pickup request option. So you can either set a regular date when they come and pick up the package or request from web service. Or you can call them directly for pickup. But it is advisable to clarify with the EasyPost team regarding the pickup.

Can tracking numbers be entered into the order manually without creating a packing slip?

Yes, you can add the tracking number manually and click on save/show tracking information. Once you mark the order as completed, it will send that tracking number with a tracking link to the customer.

Can I generate return labels for UPS, USPS & FedEx?

Yes, you can use our EasyPost return label add-on in addition to this plugin to generate return labels.

Is it possible to display free shipping on the Cart/Checkout page and generate EasyPost shipment labels for the orders?

Yes, you can disable the real-time rate option to display the free shipping option and generate the labels.

Does the plugin work for other carriers other than USPS, UPS, Canada Post and FedEx?

For now, the plugin only supports USPS, UPS, Canada Post and FedEx. But we plan to incorporate other shipping services in the future.

Can the plugin autogenerate the labels once the orders are placed?

Yes, you can use our ELEX EasyPost Auto-Generate & Email Labels Add-On to automatically create shipments and generate labels. The add-on will also send an email notification to the shop owner and customers.

Does the plugin have an Insurance option?

EasyPost API does not add insurance by default, for rates and request. But we have added an option to charge 1% of the subtotal. However, for label generation, EasyPost do charge insurance.

Can I create a label for flat rate boxes?

Yes. You can choose the flat rate box type to create labels for flat rate boxes.

Does this plugin work for UPS & FedEx Freight shipment?

Unfortunately, Freight is not supported by EasyPost APIs.

Is it possible to provide insurance for the items I am shipping through UPS & FedEx?

Yes. You can enable a plugin setting to achieve this functionality. Note that EasyPost charges 1% of the value, with $1 minimum amount.

Can I bulk print labels?

Although this plugin allows you to create shipments in bulk in the WooCommerce Orders page, we recommend using our bulk label printing add-on, as it creates multiple shipments at once and prints all the shipping labels in a single PDF file.

Can I restrict the shipping services based on conditions?

Yes, it is possible to restrict the services based on your conditions using this plugin along with the ELEX hide shipping plugin.

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  1. pom4info
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    The support team is great especially Akash. He is very knowledgeable on the product and spends lot of time explaining everything. Keep it up!

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    I have been working with Akash several times to help me with issues using your products. He is extremely knowledgeable and very willing to help with any issue that I have. He spends a lot of time showing me how to get problems solved. I would definitely recommend the ELEX products because the products are quality and the support is amazing, especially from Akash.

  3. albi.dhamo
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    Akash was on top of everything. He was very knowledgeable and he did fix the issues that I had with the plugin. Thank you. Great customer service from Akash.

  4. CarlVanWormer
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    Support is good! We got through the multiple levels of details between the presentation of the customer’s choices, the plugin settings, and the background communications with the EasyPost system.

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    Wonderful Product. It has all the functionalities one need. The Support team is awesome. I am very satisfied

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    very skillfully and helpful agent Akash. thanks Akash

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    Very fast, friendly and helpful service from Akash!

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    I received a fast response. Akash was so helpful with detailed information and screen caps too. This is not just a great plugin for all ecommerce websites, but the support is wonderful too.

  9. patball9
    Rated 5 out of 5

    by patball9 (verified owner)

    Akash helped me out with getting my shipping set up properly for my website. they have a very fast response time and he was very helpful and friendly. The plugin itself is very easy to use and they have a ton of documentation to help out on their website!

  10. tanishi.team
    Rated 5 out of 5

    by tanishi.team (verified owner)

    Support is really great. I am very thankful to Akash and the dev team for their quick turn around on the issue fixes. Highly recommend to anyone building multi vendor platform.
    Great job folks!

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