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Are you finding ways to hide shipping methods when Free Shipping is enabled? Trying to hide shipping methods for Shipping Classes, Product Categories, or Destination Countries?

Introducing the brand new ELEX Hide WooCommerce Shipping Method Plugin that hides WooCommerce shipping methods in your WordPress store. You can hide WooCommerce default shipping methods as well as third-party shipping services from DHL, USPS, Stamps.com, UPS, FedEx, EasyPost, Australia Post, and so on.

You can use simple filters like WooCommerce Shipping class, One or more Product categories, Order Weight, Destination countries and states, and other shipping methods to hide WooCommerce Shipping methods on your cart and checkout pages.



Hide Shipping Methods using Filters

You can hide shipping methods based on:
  • WooCommerce Shipping Classes
  • WooCommerce Product Categories
  • Order weight on the Cart
  • Destination countries and its states
  • Other shipping methods

Hide Shipping Methods based on Shipping Classes

You can hide WooCommerce shipping methods based on Shipping classes that you created in your WooCommerce store. You can select one or more shipping classes, or choose to select products with no shipping class as well.

Hide Shipping Methods based on Product Category

Select one or more desired WooCommerce product categories to hide shipping methods. If you have a parent category with lots of child categories, you can just tick the respective category for filtering.

Hide Shipping Methods based on Order Weight

The plugin allows you to hide shipping methods based on total order weight of the cart. The weight unit is the same as configured in your WooCommerce store. When the cart total weight meets one of the following conditions, the selected shipping methods will be hidden:
  • Greater than or equal to the specified weight
  • Less than or equal to the specified weight
  • Equal to the specified weight
  • Between the specified minimum and maximum total order weight

Hide Shipping Methods based on Destination countries

You can select desired destination countries and its states to hide WooCommerce shipping methods.

Hide Shipping Methods based on Other Shipping Methods

You can use shipping methods to hide other WooCommerce shipping methods. This includes both default as well as premium shipping methods. For example, you can choose to hide other shipping methods when Free Shipping is available.

Hide WooCommerce Default Shipping methods

Based on the selected filters, you can hide the WooCommerce default shipping methods; Flat Rate, Free Shipping, and Local Pickup.

Hide Shipping Methods from Shipping Carriers

You can hide all shipping methods from selected shipping carriers/service like DHL, USPS, UPS, FedEx, EasyPost, Stamps.com, Australia Post, etc.

Once a shipping plugin is activated to your WordPress site, the shipping method ID will automatically be listed in the Shipping Method setting. The sample screenshot on the right shows the shipping method IDs of ELEX Shipping plugins.

Hide Specific Services from Shipping Carriers

Instead of hiding all the services of a shipping carrier, you can choose to hide specific shipping service. For example, you can offer all USPS services in your WooCommerce store and choose to hide only the Priority Mail service, based on the selected filters.

The sample screenshot on the left shows the Priority Mail service from ELEX WooCommerce EasyPost Shipping Plugin will be hidden.

Create and Manage Multiple Rules

The plugin allows you to create as many rules you want! You can manage all the rules in the Manage tab, where you can edit, copy, or delete the rules any time.

Popular business cases that you can achieve with this plugin

  • Hide other shipping methods when “Free Shipping” is available.
  • Hide WooCommerce shipping methods based on Shipping classes.
  • Hide WooCommerce shipping methods based on Destination country or state.
  • Hide specific services from a shipping carrier when a specific country is selected.
  • Hide WooCommerce shipping methods based on Total order weight on the cart.
  • Hide other shipping carriers when another shipping carrier services are available for the country, and much more!!

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What happens when the one year license expires?

After the plugin’s one year license expires the plugin will continue to work as normal but the download permission will be revoked so the updates for the plugin will stop. You can always renew the license at a 20% discount which will be provided on request.

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