How to Market your WooCommerce Products with Google Merchant Center?

There are numerous platforms available nowadays for eCommerce business owners to market their products. One of the most effective channels for WooCommerce business owners to market their brand is Google. Google’s marketing channel called Google Shopping Ads has opened up an endless number of possibilities for businesses. Google Shopping is a marketplace where customers can look for products and buy them from a variety of sellers. People can simply check and compare rates to choose which is the best option for them.

Furthermore, it offers an excellent platform for sellers to showcase their products to a larger audience. Whenever customers are searching for a certain product, Google presents your advertised products as a search result right above the unpromoted results. Also, there is a separate Google shopping site where customers may search for and purchase things that have been advertised. As a result, combining your WooCommerce product feed with the Google merchant center generates significant results. Around 20% of retail paid search clicks are generated by Google Shopping Ads. If you haven’t used it yet, you’re missing out on a major potential to grow your online sales.

Benefits of Google Shopping Ads

Traffic that is both better and more targeted

Potential customers have already gathered sufficient knowledge about your goods by the time they click on your ad.  As a result, those who click on your Shopping advertising are more likely to purchase. Providing all the product information upfront, on the other hand, not only speeds up the buying intent but also demonstrates transparency in your processes.

Increased Exposure

You may benefit your business by reaching out to more potential customers by using Google Shopping advertisements. Google Shopping allows you to increase the visibility of your online store. Using your product feed information, Google ads compare it to customers’ related google searches. Information related to both your product and eCommerce store is readily available to customers. Both site traffic and sales grow as a result.

Management is simple

You do not need to worry about tedious keyword research and SEO. The product feed, which stores product data, is at the heart of Google Shopping ads. Based on your product data feed, Google will choose when to display your products. You can improve your results by adjusting the title, description, and category of your product. It’s quite simple to set up Google Merchant Center and Google Ads. All you need to do is import your WooCommerce store’s product data feed into Google Merchant Center. When you use a tool like the ELEX WooCommerce Google Shopping plugin, the process becomes much easier, almost effortless. The plugin collects the information about your products and converts it into a Google-friendly feed with only a few clicks.

Increased ROI and improved conversion

Google Shopping Ads have demonstrated much higher conversion rates when compared to Google text ads. Potential customers are more likely to click on shopping ads than text-based ads because of the availability of images and detailed product information. A detailed and optimized product feed file will result in increased traffic and conversions. The main cause behind this is the massive quantity of information delivered, which speeds up the entire purchase process. Customers can acquire all of the product information they need from shopping advertisements and then go straight to your store to make a purchase.

Differentiate Yourself from the Crowd

Your advertisements will show up when people are actively searching for the products that you offer with a strong interest in buying, i.e. when users are searching for something to buy and have high intentions to make a purchase, which is the most important component in generating sales. You can captivate the target customer and compete with competitors by using appealing images and valuable content. 

Steps to market your WooCommerce products with Google Merchant Center

The steps below will walk you through the process of setting up and marketing your WooCommerce products on Google Shopping Ads. You’ll need a WooCommerce website and a product catalog to get started before you can set up your Merchant Center account. Given that you’re reading this article, we’ll presume you already have a WooCommerce store.

Create a Google Merchant Account

Create a Google Merchant Account | Google Merchant CenterTo begin, you must first create a Google Merchant account. To get started, go to Google Merchant Center and select “Get started.” After that, enter information regarding the company, such as the display name, location, and local time. Following that, you’ll be prompted to choose a plan, after which you’ll be directed to “Shopping Ads.”

Importing Product Data

Importing Product Data | Google Merchant CenterThen, in Google Merchant Center, import your product feed, which will appear as shopping ads. A product feed contains product information such as the title, information, cost, pictures, and other relevant data that enables your customers to truly understand your product and decide.

Navigate to Merchant Center > Products > Feed to get started. To add products, click the plus (+) icon. You will be able to choose where you wish to sell your products or the languages in which they will be shown here. You must now select the product feed import method.

| Google Merchant Center | Google Merchant CenterTo manually import your products into the Merchant Center, create a Google document with all of your product information, including ID, title, price, stock availability, and a link to the product, and upload it. However, if you have a large number of products, this can take a very long time. Furthermore, managing and upgrading all of the goods regularly is quite challenging. Manually generating a product feed can be time-consuming and error-prone. Your advertising results may suffer as a result of this. With a Google Shopping plugin, you can easily generate a product feed for your WooCommerce store. In this post, we will show you how to import products using a plugin, which is a much faster and easier approach. You can list unlimited products and feeds automatically with the ELEX WooCommerce Google Shopping plugin, for example, and display them on Google Shopping ads. You can fully customize your product listings by including/excluding categories, attributes, tags, products, and much more.

Set up Ad Campaigns

Set up Ad Campaigns | Google Merchant CenterYou must now design an advertising campaign to provide additional details about the products. To do so, navigate to the Google Merchant Center dashboard > Pending Tasks and click Continue. You must include information about the products to be shown, taxes, shipping costs, and, finally, a link to your website as the checkout page. You can create a Google Shopping campaign once your products have been approved in Google Merchant Center. Sign up for a free Google Ads account by clicking here.

To Conclude

We hope you now have a better idea about marketing your WooCommerce Products with Google Merchant Center, which would help in the growth of sales and brand visibility. If you have any questions regarding the plugin, please let us know in the comments section below.

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