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WooCommerce Mix and Match Products compatibility with ELEX WooCommerce Shipping Plugins (DHL, USPS, Stamps.com, Australia Post, & EasyPost)

WooCommerce Mix and Match Products plugin allow customers to create their own custom product assortments from a group of available products. When it comes to shipping, our ELEX WooCommerce Shipping plugins take the parenting mix and match product as one separate product and the child products as individual products.

In the sense, if you have weight and dimension in all the child and parent products, the weight and dimension for the final package could be wrong. But if you don’t give weight and dimension to the parent product or the child products, our plugins will show errors while creating shipment or while calculating shipping cost.


You can enter the final weight and dimension to the parent product and give the child products a minimum weight and dimension, just to avoid getting the errors while creating a shipment.

If you’re giving the product price in the Parent product, you’ll need to give the child product price at least some minimum value as well. Since the API require each line item to have a product value.

Sample settings are as shown in the screenshots below.

Parent Product:

Child product:

Suppose the parent product regular price is $100$ and container size is 5, you can give the parent product a regular price as $95 and assign the child product regular price as 1$ each. Else, you can give the full price to the parent product and give the child products’ price at $0.001.

With this solution, you should be able to create shipment without any issues or error messages related to the weight and dimension and also price for customs information.


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