What Happens After License Expiry of ELEX USPS Shipping Plugin?

Customer :

One question. After one year of purchase, will plugin still works?

Support :

The plugin will work after one year as well.

However, the support and the plugin updates, are available only within the 1 year license period.

So you need to renew the license after one year for support and plugin updates.


  1. xs.moving.on.fast
    HelloI am currently working with 5 provider that holds my merchandise.Kincustom.com Customcat.com Printify.com Artofwhere.com printful.comI am requesting help, because the the plugin is asking for a zipcode, but i dont know how to pin point it. How can i configure the shipping to the five provider or is it already included. I need help.Your prompt attention is highly appreciated Alex

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