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Top WSDesk Features that makes it The Best WordPress HelpDesk System

In today’s business world, customer satisfaction plays a very important role. Every business, be it online or offline, is actively investing in customers and improving customer support. We at WSDesk, understand this too.

This is the reason WSDesk is developed for the customers, with the help and feedback from our customers. Keeping in mind the issues that support agents and business owners face, we have incorporated all the necessary features into WSDesk.

By analyzing customer trends, especially in the field of customer support, we at WSDesk noted that customer empowerment is the next big thing. Many companies are even trying to make the customer experience better by empowering customers as well as support agents with the help of certain support tools.

Some of these tools are listed below:

  • Helpdesk systems
  • Live chat solutions
  • Knowledgebase
  • Social media integrations

And much more. You can read more about customer and support staff empowerment here.

This article will cover the parameters of an ideal WordPress HelpDesk system. In this article, you will see how by working with customers WSDesk came up with the features that make it the best WordPress HelpDesk system.

But before we get into the awesome features that WSDesk offers, let us discuss something about the ideal helpdesk system.

An Ideal HelpDesk System

When talking about an ideal helpdesk system, many things come to mind. Being ideal, it should cover a variety of customer base as well as their requirements. Here is a list of things that this article will cover:

Here is a list of customer requirements that this article will cover:

  • Budget-friendly
  • Cost-effective
  • Automation-driven
  • Email-based
  • Workflow efficiency
  • Notification system
  • Agent Creation
  • User Interface
  • Performance Analytics

Now let us talk about them in detail.


When you invest in anything, cost plays a huge part in the decision making. Whether it is free or a subscription-based product, it affects the sales based on customer preferences.

An ideal helpdesk should have the options for payment which is most preferred by its customers. Further, it should be able to fulfill the needs of small-scale business owners in the free version itself.


As mentioned earlier, cost plays n important. But the cost-effectiveness matters too. The can be higher or lower based on the functionality offered by the helpdesk.

Further, the free version being free-of-cost doesn’t need to be an incomplete product with a limit attached to its every feature. It can be a stand-alone product with additional features for increased performance in the premium or paid version of the product. This way both the free and paid customers will have a complete product without functional limitations.

As far as the paid version is considered, the additional cost must include additional value to the existing product. Adding one or two functions to a fully working helpdesk while increasing the cost tremendously is not justified.


One of the basic necessity for a system is the need to avoid manual tasks. In customer support though, support agents are capable of doing most of the tasks. But to provide outstanding customer support automation can prove to be a helping hand.

By automating support agent tasks a helpdesk guarantees more efficiency and customer satisfaction. An ideal helpdesk must provide automated tasks and the flexibility to let support agents choose which tasks to automate and which should remain manual.

Email Based

Although the world has moved on to more easy and simpler ways of communication, Email still remains the official mode of communication when it comes to business. So an ideal helpdesk system should be based on emails and at least provide the basic functionality of email piping.

Most of the customers as well as business owners prefer to have interaction through emails. So whether it is sending/receiving messages or notifications, etc. having emails as the means of communication is a must.

Workflow Efficiency

The efficiency of the helpdesk is measured by knowing how efficient the workflow of a particular helpdesk is. Humans are bound to commit mistakes. But a smart and ideal helpdesk system should keep a track of accurate workflow and make changes based on the mistakes, automatically.

Moreover, the helpdesk should provide flexibility to alter the workflow according to the needs of support agents. This can prove to be a very helpful use of automation.

Notification system

As discussed earlier, both customers and support agents need to be reminded about their support tickets. Customers need to keep a track of the solution to their issues or queries. On the other hand, support agents need to be notified everytime a support ticket is submitted by the customers.

An ideal helpdesk system must have a way to notify about a ticket creation or update to both support agents as well as customers. These notifications can be in the form of emails as most of the customers prefer emails as a mode of communication for official work.

Agent Creation

Most of the helpdesk in WordPress support agent creation. You can find these helpdesk systems on WordPress:

WordPress HelpDesk plugins along with WSDesk
WordPress HelpDesk Plugins

But an ideal helpdesk system should have no limit on the number of agents or categories support agents can create. Not every helpdesk support system provides this feature which can be considered a must-have.

User Interface

In WordPress, there are many helpdesk systems that support a traditional WordPress based user interface. There are no issues in adapting some best features from a well-established website creation tool such as WordPress. But when it comes to the UI, well, it is not the strong point in WordPress.

An ideal helpdesk system’s UI should be responsive as well as more pleasant to the eyes than the user interface of WordPress. Some of you might not agree with me but for a support agent, to spend the whole day working with the WordPress UI is tiresome.

Performance Analytics

One of the most important reasons to go for helpdesk systems is the performance tools that these systems offer. With the help of these tools, business owners can monitor the performance of their customer support staff.

Moreover, it also allows customers to post their feedback on the experience they have with the support staff. This allows business owners to monitor customer satisfaction and in return, it helps them to identify the fields where they can improve.

So based on the above criteria, the idea of an ideal helpdesk system is clear. Now we shall see how WSDesk, with its awesome features, justifies these criteria, to be the best WordPress HelpDesk system.

Let us dig deep into what WSDesk offers.

WSDesk as the best WordPress HelpDesk system

As discussed earlier, WSDesk is developed keeping in mind the issues that we faced while handling customer support as well as the feedback that our customers gave about their experience with customer support. WSDesk have all that it takes to be the best helpdesk system WordPress has to offer.

Let us see how.


WSDesk is focussed mainly for the small to medium scale business owners as well as for people that manage blog-sites on WordPress. Based on the audience and their demands, WSDesk offers FREEMIUM solution to all their customer support needs.


Cost-effectiveness is a field where WSDesk doesn’t fail to shine. With its FREEMIUM concept, it serves both the established website owners as well as it gives startup owners a taste of outstanding customer support.

One of the things worth mentioning about the free version is how complete that product is for startup owners. Most of our customers are happy with the features and support we provide with the free version.

If you are also looking to enter the world of online business and are worried about providing support to your customers, you can take a look at the features WSDesk provides free-of-cost.

For those who are well-established, and want a beast helpdesk system in terms of performance, WSDesk got you covered. With licensing options for both one as well as five websites, you can have a flexible approach towards your work.


WSDesk is based on automation. The moment you activate WSDesk it gives a tour for configuring the whole system automatically. WSDesk is based on the idea that if you are able to save time then surely you will save a lot of money. And hence, it is built around automation.

One of the best examples where you can save a lot of time using WSDesk and its automation features can be seen here. WSDesk Triggers can help automate tasks such as ticket assigningtagging support agents to tickets, etc.

With WSDesk the idea of customer support takes a new turn. WSDesk provides the ability for support agents as well as customers to self-service. The idea behind WSDesk Auto-Suggestion is to reduce or if possible eliminate the time taken to submit support tickets and to solve them.

Email Based

WSDesk is the one and only WordPress HelpDesk system that provides Email Piping even in the free version. With WSDesk, the idea is that Email is the basic and fundamental of business-2-customer interaction. Without email piping any helpdesk system is incomplete.

WSDesk has incorporated email in some features such as Email Piping, Auto-Notification, Email Templating and much more.


As discussed earlier, WSDesk is based on automation. With WSDesk Triggers anything from a small need to a change in fundamental workflow can be achieved.

With the help of these triggers, you can not only perform automatic checks on the accuracy of basic workflow functionalities but you can also suggest corrections. You can read more about managing the workflow with the help of WSDesk Triggers, here.

Notification System

WSDesk combines Email communication with Triggers to provide an outstanding way of sending notifications. By creating a trigger to send notifications to both customers as well as support agents, and even admin and supervisors, WSDesk sends Emails to the recipients.

The email notifications that WSDesn sends, can be configured easily. These email notifications are sent based on the conditions stated while creating the trigger.

Here is an insight into how WSDesk sends notifications to customers and support agents automatically with the help of triggers.

Agent Creation

For some reasons, almost every other WordPress HelpDesk system has limited the feature to create multiple agents to their premium customers only. With WSDesk the idea was to build a complete WordPress HelpDesk system, even in the free version.

With WSDesk you don’t get to see any limitations when it comes to creating multiple support agents. In fact, WSDesk provides Unlimited Agents in both the free and premium version.

Below is a view of how all the created agents will be listed in WSDesk:

WSDesk- WordPress helpdesk system support agents
WSDesk list of Support Agents & Supervisors

User Interface

With most of the helpdesk systems in WordPress still opting for WordPress based design and user interface, WSDesk packs a surprise with its User Interface.

As we discussed earlier, there is nothing wrong with the traditional design. In fact, the developers have to work less on design and user interface. There won’t be any need for innovating a new approach for designing the helpdesk.

Here take a look at WSDesk’s UI:

WSDesk- Word Press helpdesk system UI
WSDesk User Interface
WSDesk- WordPress helpdesk system settings
WSDesk Settings

But with WSDesk’s AJAX based design and innovative user interface, the person handling customer support will feel the difference in experience. WSDesk’s user interface is user-friendly and the features such as tabbed view, quick peek and reply, etc. results in an outstanding experience for the support agents. It is completely based on easy and fast navigation across the whole system so that you don’t have to reload different pages again and again just to see the updated information. With WSDesk everything is snappy as lightning.

Performance Analytics

One of the best things working with WSDesk is the way it deals with Performance Analytics. WSDesk provides customers to rate support agents based on the experience they had while interacting with them. These ratings prove useful in analyzing the monthly or weekly targets for support agents.

Further, WSDesk also collects customer feedback which you can use to incorporate with the quality of support your team is providing. With all these features, WSDesk shows a Weekly Performance Report that shows how well support agents are meeting their targets.

Below you can see the way WSDesk handles performance reports:

WSDesk- WordPress HelpDesk system Reports
Performance Reports by WSDesk
WSDesk- WordPress helpdesk system Agent's report
Agent’s Report

So this was an insight into WSDesk and its features that make it the best WordPress HelpDesk system. It may be noted that customer preference plays a very important role in liking or disliking a product. WSDesk being built around business owners and their customer’s needs tries to fulfill all those needs.

But if you feel there is something that you can contribute to the working of this amazing product, feel free to do so. You can share your views and thoughts on WSDesk in the comment section below.


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