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The USPS Shipping rates are not calculating based upon total cart weight


The USPS Shipping rates are not calculating based upon total cart weight. Instead, a shipping rate is calculated per item and then added up to a total. In other words: if it cost $3.20 cents to ship one item, it will cost 6.40 cents to ship two of the same items. If you were to ship 4 of these items it would cost $12.80. This is not the way it should work nor do I believe this is what you intended to do. Instead, I believe the shipping should simply calculate by the total cart weight. This problem is happening on my site with your free version as well as your premium demo site. I would love to purchase the premium, but not if this bug isn’t fixed.


This is happening because the Parcel Packing option is selected as Pack items individually on our demo site.
In our premium version, you can change the Parcel Packing option to “Pack items with weights and dimensions” or “Weight-Based”.
The free version only has this individual packing option.

Parcel Packing: ELEX plugin provides you three options to pack a parcel(s) as given below:
Pack Items Individually: In this option,each item in the cart is packed separately. Total Shipping cost calculated by adding shipping cost of each item. There is a single label for every item.
Note: This is the default option.
Pack into boxes with weight and dimensions: If packing items individually do not suit to your business, then you can define required box sizes under Box Dimensions section. All the cart items are packed into custom boxes defined in Box Dimensions settings. The best fit box is auto chosen from the defined boxes. This is the recommended option. You can read through setting up box dimensions to understand more in detail.
Weight based: In this option, the weight of all the cart item is summed up and passed to UPS API to get rates.

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