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Support Ticket Systems for WordPress and WooCommerce – Why WSDesk is the Best?

You run a business website powered by WordPress and WooCommerce. You want to provide exceptional customer support to your customers through this site. When you look out for a good system to help you with the process, you find quite a few choices. Among a large number of available customer support ticketing plugins and systems, WSDesk stands out. In this article, we will try to illustrate a few reasons why:

Quick installation and activation

Compared to some of the other open source help desk software tools, getting started with WSDesk is pretty easy. The straightforward installation and activation create a great first impression with WSDesk users of varying levels of technical knowledge.

User-friendly interface

A support ticket system that offers advanced features in many cases tend to be difficult to use for non-technical users. This issue is efficiently tackled by the super-friendly interface of WSDesk. It is quite easy to set up and work on customer complaints in WSDesk. The dashboard is well-organized, and the colors used are easy on the eye and avoid adding any more stress to your eyes. Intelligent use of color codes to organize t would make your work easier to understand and organize.

Flexibility similar to cloud-based systems without dependencies

Cloud-based support ticket systems offer a lot of smooth features in terms of email integration, conversation history, full-text search, and file attachments. However, there’s a certain amount of dependency and lack of control when you start using these systems. The fact that the entire data of your store is totally in the hands of another company itself is practically unnerving. WSDesk is unique in the sense that it provides all the advanced features of cloud-based systems without the dependencies. Regular updates, bug fixes, and superior security features make sure that your support process continues running smoothly. And your team can stop worrying about dealing with the system and focus solely on solving the issues of your customers.

WSDesk provides everything a cloud-based system provides, and more…

Intuitive features to ensure the best support

A range of intuitive features is what sets WSDesk apart. Automation, multi-channel support, and great analytics are some of the most essential features required for a support ticket system. WSDesk provides all this as a package that is efficient and intuitive. WSDesk ticketing system is intuitive and powerful and designed to make your workflow smooth. You can create a ticket out of a variety of incoming information and organize large volumes of support queries with improved response time.

Ability to create unlimited agents

One of the major difficulty that you may find in many support ticket systems is the limit to ticket agents. For every added ticket agent, your subscription plan and rates changes. With WSDesk, you can say goodbye to such worries. The number of ticket agents you can add with WSDesk is unlimited and you can think of innovative possibilities with it. Say for example, if your business thrives on seasonal sales, naturally, you will have more issues to deal with at that time. Unlimited ticket agents can be of great help at such a time.

High level of automation for prompt responses

WSDesk provides automated tagging, assigning and suggestions. Ticket Tags are used to filter tickets, products, posts and so on. These tags can be used for filtering the tickets and assigning it to specific agents. A trigger is an action that occurs in response to a certain event. With the help of these triggers, you can automate certain responses in WSDesk. You can add a new trigger easily with its intuitive user interface. You can select a primary condition for the trigger and even connect to a secondary condition. Finally, you are able to specify a trigger action and time period. This sort of automation allows more scope for being prompt in responding to customers.

Premium support and updates

One of the important factors you need to consider when looking for an open source solution is the scope of support and updates. WSDesk ticks both the checkboxes well. Assured premium support and timely updates and bug fixes are part of the premium plans (for one year).

The premium support of WSDesk comes with one year of support and updates

Seamless WooCommerce integration

Everyone knows WooCommerce is the in-thing in eCommerce at the moment. Its popularity is quite obvious as it powers 28% of all eCommerce stores in the world right now. The extraordinary ability to customize is what makes it unique, and WSDesk provides seamless integration with WooCommerce.

One-click import from Zendesk

As you know Zendesk is a hugely popular customer service tool used by a varied range of businesses. If for whatever reason you want to shift from Zendesk to WSDesk, it is quite easy. By providing your Zendesk credentials you can easily import data into WSDesk.

No monthly charges

When you opt for a one-year plan, you are entitled to a range of premium services for one year. Some of the premium features include Agent’s Satisfaction Rating, WSDesk Backup & Restore, WooCommerce Fields & Reports, and One Year Support & Updates.

Great options to back-up and restore your data

When you talk about your customer support tickets, the volume of the data is huge and at no point, you can afford to lose it. With WSDesk, you can be assured of the safety of your data, as you can easily back up and restore your data.


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