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How to set up Google OAuth for Personal Gmail Account? And how to configure Google OAuth credentials in WSDesk?

Google OAuth allows users to share specific data with an application while keeping their usernames, passwords, and other information private. For example, an application can use OAuth to obtain permission from users to fetch Email from their Google Email

The Google OAuth can be set up for both G Suite as well as your personal Gmail account. If you have a G Suite account, you should read how to configure Google OAuth credentials in WSDesk.

In this article, I’ll show you how to set up Google OAuth for your personal Gmail account and how you can set up Google OAuth settings in WSDesk.

Here it goes –

    • Go to Google Console.
      Login Page
    • After you are Logged in. Click on CREATE PROJECT at the top.
      Create Project
    • Create a project named “WSDesk” and Click on CREATE.
      New Project Details
    • Now select the WSDesk Project from your available projects.
      Choose WSDesk Project
    • After choosing the WSDesk Project, Click on Library Tab on the left sidebar. Then type Gmail into the search box that appears.
      Gmail Library Search
    • Now Click on the title Gmail API that resulted from your search. Click on ENABLE that appears by the side of Gmail API
      Enable Gmail API
    • Now go to the OAuth Consent Screen tab which is under the Credentials tab, then fill the required details and Save it.
      OAuth Consent Screen
    • After that is done, click on the Credentials tab which is under Credentials tab, then click OAuth Client ID from Create credentials.
      Create OAuth client ID
    • Now Configure the Client ID properly and Click Create.
      • Choose the Application Type as a Web application.
      • Name it as WSDesk Client.
      • Under Restrictions, configure the following correctly.
        • Authorized JavaScript origins must be your simple site URL (Eg: https://elextensions.com or http://elextensions.com).
        • Authorized redirect URIs must be your WSDesk Email Page.
          Copy and Paste the URL to Authorized redirect URIs
      Create Client ID
    • After clicking on Create, you will be able to see the Client ID listed. Click on it.
      Created Client ID Listed
    • Copy your Client IDClient Secret and paste it into the respective fields in Googe OAuth Setup Tab of the WSDesk Email Page.
      Copy Keys
      Paste Keys
    • Now Click on Activate. If your Procedures and Keys are correct then you will see your tokens appear in this Email Page. If you can’t see the tokens that would suggest a mistake in your configuration and you are required to re-configure the previous settings.
      Clicking on activate button will prompt you to login to google account. You have to log in to the support e-mail account, from which you want to pull the emails from.
      Your Support tickets will be pulled from your Gmail once your Google OAuth is Configured and Activated properly.

      Google OAuth Activated

Hope it Helps!
Cheers, Proceed with Google OAuth and WSDesk.


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