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Person name and House number are used twice, while printing labels in ELEX WooCommerce DHL plugin


Why do person name and house number are used twice, while printing labels in ELEX WooCommerce DHL plugin?

It should be used once. Please help me fix this issue.

ELEX Support:

We request you to install the latest version of the plugin by logging into elextensions.com > My Accounts.

If you face the same issue after installing the plugin, do let us know.


We got another problem. The house number is corrected now, but when they are a company and a contact person name, it only creates a label with a person name and does not include the company name. If they have a company, it should be on the label as well.

And, is it possible that the plugin automatically imports the order number to the label?
Normally DHL got a field for remark; there could be the order number.

Also, is it possible to create a label with cash on delivery?

ELEX Support:

1. We have fixed the conflict between Company Name and Contact Person name while printing the label in version 2.0.7 of WooCommerce DHL Paket plugin.

2. You can add order number to shipping label by using code snippet in the following article.

How to add an order number on shipment label in WooCommerce DHL plugin?

3. Yes, our plugin provides the option of Cash on Delivery, while generating the label.


To explore more details about the plugins, go check out ELEX WooCommerce DHL Express / eCommerce / Paket Shipping Plugin with Print Label.

Read the article for setting up DHL Express understand the plugin, in detail. Or check out the product documentation section for more related articles.

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