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I wish to print stamps.com labels for orders, but there is no option for me to enter the desired amount I want


We use USPS’s flat rate boxes and envelopes which save us a lot of money for US shipments, and I wish to print out stamps.com labels for these order. However, there is no option for me to enter the desired amount I want to ($5.69 regardless of weight) etc.

However, I can do this on the stamps.com site.

This is what my fulfillment house had to say:

“The US postal service has a bunch of different size boxes & envelopes that cost the same regardless of weight and where they’re going in the country. The one we use most of the time is a flat-rate envelope. There are also regional rate boxes that give us a significant discount if we’re shipping to someplace local. I think a $5.69 stamp would work for the flat rate envelope(they just lowered the price). It would be nice, but much less important, to have all the flat-rate & regional options available. We can print them from the stamps.com PC app if there isn’t a smooth way for the plug-in to do it.”


Our Stamps.com Plugin provides USPS Flat rates as well.

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