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How to Selectively Display UPS and USPS Shipping Options

Customer :

I am thinking of buying your product. But the thing that I need to know is, If a customer chooses USA address while checking out, only UPS Ground comes. If it is to an International destination, USPS options come. Is that what your plugin support?
If yes, do I need to buy both plugins, is there any discount for that?

Support :

As you mentioned that, you want UPS Ground for USA address and for an international destination you want USPS options to come up, this is achievable by configuring the plugin settings in following ways:

UPS plugin:

*We can set the Method Availability to the USA only and will only enable the UPS ground service in plugin settings.

Note-Method Availability: This field allows you to select countries for shipping.

USPS plugin:

* We would enable the international service only( disable all domestic service) in the plugin settings.

If you set up the plugin like this, it will meet your requirements

Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide the discount, as our plugin cost includes the development cost, support, and updates for the plugin.

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