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How to Debug Dynamic Pricing and Discounts Plugin?

In the latest version of the Dynamic Pricing and Discounts plugin, the debugging is made lots simpler.
Debugging data is visible in the “Product Page”, “Cart Page” and the “Checkout Page”

What information is contained in the debug data?
1. Which Rule type is being applied.
2. Which rule no. is being applied.
3. The original price, discount, and the discounted price.

How to turn on the debug mode?
1. Go to the product page.

2. In the URL, add “ ?debug ” then click on enter

3. As soon as you click on enter, the debug data gets visible in the page –

When is debugging useful?
1. When your product seems to be showing a strange discounted price.
In such a case, you can quickly debug and check which rules are being applied. If multiple rules are being applied then you can just go to the settings page and set up the “rule preference” and the “calculation mode”.

2. When you can’t see any discount applied to the product.
In such a case, if the debug data shows that no rules exist for the product. The reason might be that the rules are disabled. Go to the settings page and enable the rules by bringing them to the right block.
3. In order to check whether any rules are in conflict or not.
Sometimes “Cart rules” can come in conflict with the “product rules”. The debug data would help you detect this and this too can be resolved by setting up “rule preference” and “Calculation mode”.

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