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How to Apply Dynamic Discount Rules with Coupon Codes in WooCommerce Cart and Checkout

This article outlines an effective method to apply coupon code discounts in the cart and discusses how to boost sales using the ELEX WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts Plugin.

Many online stores use coupon codes as a discount method because they offer a flexible way to provide discounts when certain conditions are met during the cart addition process. The ELEX WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts Plugin enhances this flexibility by allowing you to apply discount coupons based on a wide range of conditions. This means you can tailor your discount strategies to meet specific criteria, such as product categories, purchase quantities, or customer roles, ensuring that your promotional efforts are both targeted and effective.

How do we Offer Discount Types as Coupon Codes and apply them based on certain conditions on Purchases?

The ELEX Dynamic Pricing plugin is designed to address this need by enabling you to create various rule types and use coupon codes as a discount type. This feature allows you to set up discount rules that apply a coupon code in the cart when products from specified categories or other conditions are met or purchased together. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Enable the desired rule types in the plugin to apply discounts via coupon codes. For instance, activate the Product Rules in the plugin settings under the ‘Rules & Execution Order’ tab, as illustrated in the example.

Coupon Codes

Step 2: Create a rule by adding all necessary conditions and set the discount type as Coupon Code as shown in the below screenshot.

Coupon Codes

  • Offer Name: Provide a descriptive rule name, such as ‘Coupon Code Off,’ to easily identify the coupon discount.
  • Rule Applicable for: Choose how the rule should get applied for example all products in the cart or all products in a category as shown in the screenshot above.
  • Product Categories: Select the product category in which you want to apply the rule.
  • Check for: Choose rule can be applied based on the No of unit/weight/price or number of items as shown in the example.
  • Minimum & Maximum Number of Items: Choose the minimum and maximum number of values to be checked.
  • Discount Type: Select the type as Coupon Code to configure coupon code settings 


Step 3: In the Associate Coupon and Role section of the rule, you can specify the coupon code and additional conditions for applying the coupon on the cart and checkout pages. If the coupon code defined in the rule already exists in WooCommerce coupons, the dynamic pricing coupon will override it when the specified rule is met. Also, you can enable the option to apply coupon codes automatically instead of manual input at checkout.

Coupon Codes

Coupon Code: Specify the coupon code that should be applied at checkout if the conditions are met.

Coupon Discount Type: Choose the coupon discount you want to apply when the rule conditions are satisfied. For example, a 10% coupon discount will be applied when the product category is “accessories.”

Usage Limit Per User: Set the number of times each user can use the coupon before it expires—for example, 15 times as shown in the example.

Discount Valid Dates: Define the validity period of the discount by specifying the FROM and TO dates.

Allowed Roles: Indicate which user roles are eligible for the coupon code. For instance, only Admin and Editor roles can benefit from the coupon code, as shown in the example.

Customers can take advantage of the coupon code when the discount code conditions are met. The coupon can be applied manually or automatically by the customer, depending on the rule settings. This functionality provides flexibility in offering discounts, ensuring that the coupon is applied seamlessly to qualifying orders. Below is a screenshot demonstrating how these settings can be configured.

In addition, you can apply advanced restrictions on the rule as explained below. In the adjustments section of the rule, you can set a maximum discount amount and specify any adjustment amount to determine the final discount applied. You can also enable repeat execution of the rule as a loop.

Also, users can set restrictions for applying the discount, such as limiting the offer to specific email IDs, requiring a minimum number of previous orders, or specifying minimum total spending on past orders, among other criteria.

The system will instantly identify the eligible items and apply the coupon discount according to the rule conditions, whether it’s a percentage off, a flat amount, or a fixed discount. This ensures that users can apply the coupon code manually or automatically during checkout, providing transparency and encouraging them to complete their purchases. This approach enhances the shopping experience by making it easy for customers to immediately benefit from coupon codes.

This is how you can achieve the business objective of applying coupon discounts by creating discount rules using the ELEX Dynamic Pricing Plugin

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