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How Can I Offer Bulk Discount Only For Specific User Roles?

This article details the process of offering bulk discounts in a WooCommerce store utilizing the ELEX WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts Plugin.

Online stores commonly use strategic discounting to enhance purchases across different product categories. For instance, an online store might aim to provide bulk discounts for specific user roles. This goal necessitates a flexible and dynamic pricing tool to manage intricate discount rules.

The ELEX Dynamic Pricing plugin is crafted to fulfill this need by enabling you to establish Product Rules. These rules enable you to configure bulk discount regulations that become active upon encountering a particular user type. Here’s the breakdown of how it operates:

Step 1: Enable the Product Rules in the plugin settings under the Rules & Execution Order tab of the plugin as shown in the below screenshot.

bulk discount

Step 2: Create a rule by adding all necessary conditions as shown in the below screenshot.

bulk discount

  • Offer Name: Provide a descriptive rule name, such as ‘20% Off,’ to identify the product rule easily.
  • Rule Applicable for: Choose how the rule should get applied for example all products in the cart or all products in a category as shown in the screenshot above.
  • Product Categories: Select the product category in which you want to apply the rule.
  • Check for: Choose rule can be applied based on the No of unit/weight/price or number of items as shown in the example.
  • Minimum & Maximum Number of Items: Choose the minimum and maximum number of values to be checked.
  • Discount Type: Select the type of discount you want to apply to the category combination. For instance, a 14% discount is shown in the example.

Step 3: You can mention user roles to apply the rule for example, only Retailers are eligible to benefit from the rule, as illustrated in the screenshot below. Additionally, you can set the validity of the rule by selecting the FROM and TILL dates for the discount. 

Whenever the end user is a retailer, any products they add to their cart from the specified category in the rule will automatically have the discount applied. This process is seamless and user-friendly.

In addition, you can apply advanced restrictions on the rule as explained below. In the adjustments section of the rule, you can set a maximum discount amount and specify any adjustment amount to determine the final discount applied. You can also enable repeat execution of the rule as a loop.

Also, users can set restrictions for applying the discount, such as limiting the offer to specific email IDs, requiring a minimum number of previous orders, or specifying minimum total spending on past orders, among other criteria.


This is how you can achieve the business case of applying discounts for only specific user roles. The system promptly identifies qualifying items and implements the discount as per the pre-established rule as an example shown for retailers, be it a percentage reduction or a fixed amount deduction. This guarantees that retailers witness the discounted price reflected in their total at checkout, fostering transparency and motivating them to finalize their purchase. This approach elevates the shopping journey by simplifying the process for retailers to benefit from bulk promotions without the necessity of entering discount codes or undertaking additional actions.


You can attain the same outcome by employing Category Rules and Tag Rules with the plugin. This method enables you to fulfill the business objective of providing bulk discounts to retailers through the ELEX Dynamic Pricing Plugin


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