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Getting an error code when we input a zip code with an extension to it


Recently, we started receiving an error code when we input a zip code with an extension to it. For example, if we type zip code 12603 everything is good, but if we input the most specific extension preferred by USPS 12603-3901, we get an error. Please see the error code below.

Stamps.com: Unable to get information at this point of time. Invalid SOAP message due to XML Schema validation failure. The ‘http://stamps.com/xml/namespace/2015/05/swsim/swsimv45:ZIPCode‘ element is invalid – The value ‘12603-3901’ is invalid according to its datatype ‘http://stamps.com/xml/namespace/2015/05/swsim/swsimv45:string-0-5‘ – The actual length is greater than the MaxLength value.


Currently, our plugin does not except Zipcode with extension, as even the USPS calculator( https://postcalc.usps.com/ ) does not accept when you enter Zipcode with extension.

We will suggest you enter the first part of the zip code and go ahead with the order


On the shipping options for Stamps.com, I do not see an option for a padded flat rate envelope. Please advise.


We have an option of Padded Flat Rate envelope.

We have attached a screenshot for the same.

If you are not able to see this option, then kindly download the latest version of the plugin by going to elextensions.com –> My accounts.

You will be able to see this option in the latest version.



I am not getting those options. I downloaded the most recent version of the plugin, and I am still not seeing those options.

I attached a screenshot too.



The latest version of Stamps plugin (1.4.6) is with extended support for Package Type including Flat rates.

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