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Frequently Asked Questions : Stamps.com

Q1: Can I use this plugin only for Print label and charge the customers a flat rate I set?

Ans: Yes. You can use our plugin only for Print label and still charge your own rate for shipping. Please, Disable ‘Enable this shipping method’ & Enable ‘Disable this functionality’ in the plugin settings.

Q2: Currently I have not measured or weighed my products. Can I still print labels?

Ans: Yes. You can use the print label in manual mode. In manual mode, while printing label, you can mention package dimensions & weight manually.

Q3: We want to generate only single shipping label even if customer buy more than one item. Right now, it charges shipping per item.

Ans: Please select Parcel Packing mode as ‘pack into boxes’ & configure the package boxes also.Here is a documentation on box packing to help to understand box packing better.

Q4: Will your Stamps.com plugin work smoothly together with your other shipping plugins?

Ans: Yes. You are absolutely right. Each of our shipping plugins will work mutually exclusive. Hope it clarifies.

Q5: Do you support in case of the issue?

Ans: Yes. We have a support team working on for fixing any issues related with plugin.

Q6: What is your Refund policy if the plugin does not work?

Ans: 100% Money back guarantee.

Q7: Is it possible to get a private demo site to test out your plugin?

Ans: Yes. Please check our live demo or contact the support team.

Q8: While updating the plugin, Will it keep the settings?

Ans: Yes. It will keep settings. Please check our How to Download, Install, Activate & Update WooCommerce Plugin?

Q9: Getting a message that “No valid plugins were found. Plugin install failed”.

Ans: You need to unpack the zip file received and install the plugin zip which is available inside. Check out the tutorial.

Q10: After the setup, my site is still saying “There doesn‘t seem to be any available shipping methods”.

Ans: You can enable debug in settings and debug messages will start showing up in cart/checkout page, from which you will get a clue what is the issue about. Hope shipping method is enabled in admin shipping settings. Product dimensions and weight is configured correctly.

Q11: How to set up Stamps.com admin settings?

Ans: Please check out our blog to get an overview of Stamps.com USPS shipping method settings.

Q12: I am not able to create a shipment. It says something went wrong.

Ans: Please make sure you select the proper service and package type while creating a shipment. If the weight is over 1lbs and you choose First Class mail, it will show that error. And if you select a flat rate box package type and choose a service that doesn’t have flat rate box service, you’ll get an error. Make sure you have proper settings configured.

Q13: Error with the Country of Manufacture.

Ans: The country of manufacture is supposed to be a two-character code, not the whole country name. For example, USA country code should be ”US”.

Q14: “Conversation out of sync” error while trying to add funds.

Ans: This error message shows up when you have multiple admin session opened for the site. You’ll have to close the other session or add funds in Stamps.com site.

Q15:  I am getting ‘Insufficient Funds’, cannot create shipment error.

Ans: You need to add funds to the Stamps.com account to create a shipment.

Q16: When I click on cancel shipment after the labels are generated, will I be refunded?

Ans: You need to login to your Stamps.com account and request for the refund from shipment history. The cancel shipment only removes the label data.

Q17: How to test the label without being charged?

Ans: You need to request the Stamps.com team to provide you the test credentials and give your site’s IP address and also your computers’ IP addresses so that Stamps.com team can whitelist those IP addresses, to access their test servers.

Q18: Can I print 4 x 6 label with a different layout?

Ans: Yes, under the ‘Label and Tracking’ tab, you can choose different layouts. Make sure you select the format as PDF.

Q19: The postage does not change when I change the package dimension in the order page. Why?

Ans: The order page will only show the shipping cost related to the default package details since there’s no API call on changing the dimension on the package details.

Q20: Shipping options are not showing, it was working before.

Ans: Please make sure you have updated the Stamps.com login credentials in the plugin settings if you had changed the credentials in Stamps.com site.

Q21: Enabled Flat rate boxes, but it’s not showing the correct flat rate option.

Ans: The plugin will show the flat rate option where it packed the items into. This is to make sure the product dimension fit best into the flat rate box rates you wanted to show.



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  • The plugin is connected to my stamps.com account. The rates update on my checkout pages and I can create shipping label. However, I cannot purchase postage from my woocommerce dashboard. I get the following error……Unknown error while Purchase Postage- Please cross check settings.
    But, if I purchase postage at Stamps.com directly, it shows up on my dashboard.

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