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Frequently Asked Questions on WooCommerce USPS Shipping Plugin

Here is a list of frequently asked questions on WooCommerce USPS Shipping Plugin.

How to get your shipping labels printed for your USPS shipment?

The ELEX EasyPost Shipping plugin helps to integrate USPS shipping to your WooCommerce store without any hassle. The plugin contains features to generate packages and even print labels for USPS shipment.

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How to calculate the USPS Shipping cost?

The Elex EasyPost plugin helps to configure the shipping plugins to your WooCommerce store easily. With the EasyPost shipping options, we can configure USPS shipping carrier to ship the products for your WooCommerce store.

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How to configure USPS Return label printing?

Using the Elex Easy Post plugin, the USPS shipping carrier is easy to integrate with the WooCommerce store. There are options to track even the return of the shipment, in the plugin, where the tracking is done via the EasyPost plugin itself.

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How to set small Flat-rate box dimensions for your USPS packages?

USPS Flat rate boxes shipping options is an easy way to send smaller items across locations. In order to avail such service, you can make use of the ELEX EasyPost Shipping plugin.

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