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Frequently Asked Questions: ELEX WooCommerce Australia Post Shipping Plugin

Q1: I am not getting shipping rates with the credentials Australis Post provided. Why?

Ans: Please make sure you have weight and dimension configured in the products. Also, when you’re using the live credentials, make sure you select the live mode in the plugin settings.

Q2: How to get the API credentials?

Ans: You can register on the Australia Post website and get the API information.

Q3: I am not able to create shipment for international orders. Am I missing some settings?

Ans: Please make sure you have entered the ‘HS tariff code’ and ‘Country of Manufacture’ in the Shipping tab of individual product page settings. Make sure the Country of manufacture is AU for Australia. The API accepts only two character code for the country of manufacture.

Q4: Is there a way to bulk add the HS tariff code and Country of manufacture?

Ans: Yes, you can use our ELEX WooCommerce Bulk Edit Plugin and add those details in bulk. If you need help in adding those details in bulk after you have purchased the bulk edit plugin, you can contact us. We will help you out.

Q5: Is it possible to print multiple labels in a single label sheet?

Ans: If you have multiple packages per order, then you can choose the label layout as A1 4pp. This will print multiple labels per label sheet. However, right now, it works only for single orders since the labels generate individually for each order.

Q6: What is the best printer you suggest to print labels?

Ans: We don’t suggest any specific printer. However, if the printer is capable of printing PDF and ZPL format, it should work fine.

Q7: How do I include my StarTrack account API whilst retaining an Australia Post account as well?
It seems that it accepts either one or the other.

Ans: Currently, we can use only either of the account. Once you select StarTrack, you can enter only StarTrack account credentials. If StarTrack is disabled, you can enter the eParcel account details.

Q8: The services are not showing up under the ‘Rates and Services’ tab. Why?

Ans: Please make sure you have chosen the API mode as “live” and also you need to add 000 to your account number to make it 10 digits example 0001234567.


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