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Frequently Asked Questions: ELEX Dynamic Pricing and Discounts Plugin

Q1: How to show the offers we provide on the product page?

Ans: You can enable the pricing table in the plugin settings and it will show the table with the quantity and the percentage or fixed price offered for that quantity. It works similarly for weight and also price based rules. Please note the pricing table works only for product rules and simple products.

For variable product or other rules, such as category rule or cart rule etc., you can enable the offer table and it will display the offer name on the product page. The tables will be shown only on the individual product page and not on the other custom pages or shop page.

Q2: Discounts are not showing when I increase the number of items on the product page. Why?

Ans: The discounts will apply only when you add the minimum quantity to the cart. When you increase the number of items on the product page, to add to cart, there’s no Ajax call, so the discount will not update immediately. However, if you already have minimum quantity in the cart then the discount will be shown on the product page as well.

Q3: Can we show discount only on the cart or checkout page and not show the discount in the shop or product page?

Ans: Yes, you can add the below code snippet in the functions.php of your website’s theme folder. If you find it difficult updating your code, we recommend you to install the code snippet plugin by Shea Bunge

function skip_product_from_discount($return_val,$pid,$rule,$mode){
   if(is_cart() || is_checkout()){
           return false;
          return true;

Q4: Can we exclude certain products from the rules?

Ans: Yes, you can use our code snippet details provided in our article to exclude products from rules.

Q5: Can we change the look of the Pricing table displayed on the product page?

Ans: Yes, you can use CSS codes given in this article.

Q6: How can we update the rules in Bulk?

Ans: You can export the rules into a CSV file and make the changes in the file. You can then import the same file into the plugin rules using our import/export feature.

Q7: Can we hide the strikeout price when the discounts apply in the shop page? and show only in cart page?

Ans: Yes, you can use a code snippet which you’ll have to add into functions.php in the theme folder. You can find the code snippet in our article to hide strikeout price.

Q8: Discounts are not applying on the cart and checkout page. Why?

Ans: This issue usually happens when there’s a plugin or a theme conflict. You can try switching theme or disabling other plugins to test if its a conflict. If you still face issues, you can contact our support team.

Q9: What happens if I have multiple rules for the same product but want to apply only one of it?

Ans: If the rules are created in different discount rule category, you can sort the ‘Execution Order’ in the plugin settings, according to the priority you want to apply. But if have the rules set in the same discount category then you can sort the rules according to the priority in the rules page.
After you sort them you can go to the plugin settings and select the Calculation Mode as First match rule.


Q10: Is it possible to buy 4 items of the same brand and get the one with the lowest price free with the premium version?

Ans: Getting the one lowest price free option is not supported by our dynamic pricing plugin.


Q11: Is it possible to Import/export rules in dynamic pricing?

Ans: Yes, you can import/export the rules through JSON or CSV file.

Please go through this article for more information:https://elextensions.com/set-up-elex-dynamic-pricing-and-discounts-plugin-for-woocommerce/#import-export-settings



Q12: How can I translate text in Pricing table, for example, “Max Buy”?

Ans: This can be achieved by making changes in the plugin code. In the plugin public folder->pricingtable.php file, you can search for the Max Buy text and replace it with the text of your choice.


Q13: We are facing performance issue for the client that uses the premium version of your plugin with 300+ Rules.

Ans:We suspect the performance issue is caused because of more number of rules added and if there are variable products all the rules are getting executed multiple times. You can optimize your rules to improve the performance by grouping the rule with a similar discount into one category and apply the rule to the category. So the number of rules will be decreased and the performance will be improved. You can also contact the hosting server team to increase the site speed and let us know if you still face the performance issue.




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  • How can I have the total amount saved due to the “cart-discount-rule” shown in the cart as “Discount”? Right now, each product price is striked out and replaced by the respective discounted price. However, this confuses people as that suggests the discount is due to a certain product.

    • Hello

      We shall continue the further communication on how to achieve this through the support ticket you have raised with us.


  • Avatar photo
    June 8, 2020 10:45 AM

    I have the same question as nivadam.
    How can I show the total saved on the summary of the cart?
    If people see their cart they see the crossed out price. That’s fine but if they continue to the checkout there is nothing to tell them that they got a discount which can be a bit confusing there.

  • Hi, i love the plugin it actually does what it’s supposed to and works with variable products as well plus user roles. However, the previous plugin i was using would show the discounted price at checkout. Is it possible to achieve that with this plugin?

    • Hello, Thanks for the feedback.
      Yes, Using our Dynamic pricing plugin you will be able to show the discounts on the product page, shop page, Cart Page as well as on the Checkout page

  • my category offer is showing on all categories and not only on the category selected help

    • Hello,
      This is not the expected behavior of the category rules. The plugin will show the discount for the selected categories. I would suggest you reach out to our support team and they will help you to find out the issue on your site. You can create a ticket on the below link:

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