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Frequently Asked Questions: ELEX Amazon Payments Gateway

Q1: I am not able to see the Amazon payment button on the website. Why?

Ans: Please log in to Amazon seller account and under web settings, allow the JS script. Next, add your site URL, cart page, and check out page links.

Q2: The payment is successful, but the amount is not showing up on my account.

Ans: Please make sure you have captured the amount paid by the customer. You can also check your Tier level with Amazon, the lower tier takes a longer time to reflect in your account.

Q3: The sandbox mode works fine, but the plugin is not working in the Live mode. Why?

Ans: Amazon Pay provides both sandbox and production credentials. Make sure you have entered the production credentials to use it in live mode.

Q4: Where to get my API credentials?

Ans: You can read our article on How to get Amazon Pay credentials to obtain your credentials.


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