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Frequently Asked Questions: ELEX WooCommerce Address Validation & Address Autocomplete Plugin

Q1: The Auto-complete is showing as Opps!! somethings wrong. Why?

Ans: This happens when you enter a wrong Google API key or if you haven’t enabled Maps JavaScript API in Google API settings.

Q2: Error: “The address validation fails”.

Ans: Please make sure you have entered correct credentials for either UPS, USPS or EasyPost.

Q3: Address validation is successful but its still taking the wrong address. Am I missing some setting?

Ans: After the address is validated, you are shown the validated address and the old address. If the customer chooses the older address to place order, it will have the wrong address. Therefore, you can choose the option “Enforce Address Validation” to get the correct address. The customer will not be able to place an order if the address validation fails.

Q4: I have entered the correct credentials but the address validation still fails.

Ans: Please enable the debug log and try to validate another address. Then go to WooCommerce-Status > Logs, and share the address validation log for the most recent validation.

Q5: When the autocomplete fills in the address fields (from the autocomplete field), it strips the unit number and just puts the street number in the street address.

Ans: Google doesn’t recognize or handle unit number. So the API returns the address without the unit number and we are just displaying the data returned from the API.


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