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How to enable the Email tracking notification for my clients, in your ELEX WooCommerce DHL plugin?


How can I enable the email tracking notification for my clients, in your WooCommerce DHL plugin?

ELEX Support:

To generate tracking information, label generation is a prerequisite

1. To generate label click on “Create Shipment” button on the DHL Paket Box (In the widget section of the order page).
2. Once the label is generated, then go to the Order Page and click on “Save: Show Tracking Info”.
3. Next, go to Orders > Select order > and mark the order status as “Completed“.
4. Then go to the right corner of the order page, where you can see the Order Actions and mark it as “Completed Order”. Then click on “Save Order”.

On clicking Save Order, an order completion email should go to the customer email address with tracking information present in it.


To explore more details about the plugins, go check out ELEX WooCommerce DHL Express / eCommerce / Paket Shipping Plugin with Print Label.

Read the article for setting up DHL Paket to understand the plugin, in detail. Or check out the product documentation section for more related articles.

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