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ELEX WooCommerce USPS Shipping Plugin Premium Features


I don’t want to use the shipment label or tracking feature because I’ll be doing that through a discounted rate that is cheaper than stamp.com. Can I disable that feature till I decide to switch?

The basic version doubles the shipping rate in ‘weight and packaging’. Will I be able to make sure the shipping costs do a better job in the calculation with the premium version?

Also, can I offer flat rate for both USPS and international?

ELEX Support:

Yes, you can configure the plugin to only use the real-time shipping rates feature.

The Pack into boxes & Weight based Packing helps you to calculate accurate shipping rates in the premium version as well as basic version. Documentation for your reference.


I’m trying to decide which one is better, USPS or table rate for flexibility?

ELEX Support:

Our USPS plugin provides real-time rates using USPS API and our Table rate Shipping Pro plugin offers customized rates based on state, over charge postal code, country, weight and so on.

As mentioned earlier, our USPS plugin offers parcel packing option that allows you to pack multiple items together. So it depends on your requirement whether you want real-time rates or customized rates.


I can set classes in USPS then combine things based on weight. I want real time weights, but the basic version just doubles the cost in shipping and that will scare customers away. Right?

ELEX Support:

The basic version of our plugin is suited for small business owners or when you have only one item in the cart, as it packs every items individually which eventually leads to double up the shipping cost, when you have multiple items in the cart.

Our premium version of USPS plugin offers weight based parcel packing option that packs multiple items together and calculates rates on the basis of weight only.

Kindly read the documentation to know more about Weight based packing options.

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