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ELEX USPS Shipping Plugin Renewal Fee

Customer :

What is the renewal fee after the first year of this plugin? The first year is $69, I assume renewing is an option, though the plugin still works but will not have any updates.

Also, my client only offer Domestic Flat Rate and International Flat Rate, this plugin will allow easy setup for these two options? And do they have to input the weight of each package each time in order to get the appropriate mailing rate?

Support :

Our plugin costs $69. This subscription is valid for one year, and you can renew it at the same price.

Once your subscription will end, you would be able to use the plugin but in that case, you are not eligible for any updates.

For the  Domestic Flat Rate and International Flat Rate, we are assuming that you are talking about WooCommerce  Flat Rate and International Flat Rate.

Our plugin will not interfere with the WooCommerce features, it will work for you

USPS API calculates rates on the basis of product dimensions and weight.

You need to enter the weight of each package.

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