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ELEX USPS Shipping Plugin – One Label for Multiple Items

Customer :

When processing USPS MULTI-ITEM orders labels in the backend of the site the damned Plug-in is CREATING A SEPARATE LABEL FOR EVERY ITEM! How can I add dimensions and weight for Multi-order package so we can just print ONE LABEL FOR ALL ITEMS??? Currently, single items are a non-issue as the weights and dimensions are listed in website product page and the single USPS Plug-In Label is correct. NEED MULTI-ITEM fix so ONE label prints in one or multiple packages as we direct during label input.

Support :

As you mentioned that you want only one label for multiple items in the order.

We will request you to use the pack into boxes with dimension and weight parcel packing option in plugins settings so that you can pack multiple items in one box.

You need to define a custom box in this case(by clicking on Add Box). Do not forget to add the weight and dimensions of the box.

You can go for the manual label option as well, here you define the weight and dimension of the label as same of your package.

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