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Dynamic Pricing and Discounts for WooCommerce – Performance Changes and more in version 3.2.3

With every version release, we strive to make the ELEX Dynamic Pricing and Discounts bigger and better.
This release comes with the following major highlights –

Performance Change

The performance has been enhanced due to the reduction in the number of database calls. While using this new version, you would experience much lesser impact in the website’s speed.

Import and Export using CSV.

Because CSV is much more user-friendly than JSON. As per the feedbacks from our customers, we have once again added Import/Export using CSV alongside the JSON Import/Export.
Both has its own advantages.

Change the text “Combinational” to “Combi” in title.

Just to make the interface more compact.

Allowed roles should be a multi-select box.

From now onwards, you can select more than one user roles for a particular rule.

Confirmation while deleting the rule.

In case you have mistakenly clicked the delete button, you get a chance to rectify the mistake by not confirming the delete.

Proper alert if the license is expired.

Now you would get to know whether your license has expired or not right from the plugin itself.

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