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How to Offer Discounts on Multi-Category Purchases?

This article explains one of the Effective Ways to Offer Discounts on Multi-Category Purchases and Boost sales using the ELEX WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts Plugin.

Many online stores use strategic discounting to incentivize purchases across multiple product categories. For instance, a fashion store might want to offer discounts only if a customer buys items from both clothing and accessories categories. Achieving this requires a flexible and dynamic pricing tool that can handle complex discount rules.

How can I offer a discount by combining items from different categories?

The ELEX Dynamic Pricing plugin is designed to meet this need by allowing you to create Multi-Category Rules. With this feature, you can set up discount rules that apply when products from designated categories are purchased together. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Enable the Multi-Category Rules in the plugin settings under the ‘Rules & Execution Order’ tab as shown in the screenshot below.

Step 2: Create a rule by adding all necessary conditions as shown in the below screenshot.

  • Offer Name: Provide a descriptive rule name, such as ‘20% Off,’ to easily identify the multi-category rule.
  • Combination: Choose a combination of categories and quantities to apply the discount. For example, Accessories and T-shirts.
  • Discount Type: Select the type of discount you want to apply to the category combination. For instance, a 20% discount is shown in the example.

Step 3: In the adjustments section of the rule, you can set a maximum discount amount and specify any adjustment amount to determine the final discount applied.

Step 4: You can set the rule’s validity by selecting the FROM and TILL dates for the discount. Additionally, you can specify which users can benefit from the rule, as illustrated in the screenshot below.

Step 5: Users can set restrictions for applying the discount, such as limiting the offer to specific email IDs, requiring a minimum number of previous orders, or specifying minimum total spending on past orders, among other criteria.

For end-users, when they add products to their cart from the specified combination of categories, the discount will be applied automatically. This process is seamless and user-friendly. 


The system will instantly recognize the eligible items and apply the discount according to the predefined rules, whether it’s a percentage off or a fixed amount. This ensures that users can see the discount reflected in their total price during the checkout process, providing clarity and encouraging them to complete their purchase. This method enhances the shopping experience by making it easy for users to take advantage of promotional offers without the need to input discount codes or perform additional steps.

This is how you can achieve the business objective of applying discounts on combination categories using the ELEX Dynamic Pricing Plugin

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