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Can I disable regular package option, so that the only option will be Prepaid Satchels?


I would like to disable regular package option so that the only option will be prepaid satchels, i.e, the minimum charge would be a Small satchel
35.5 x 22cm
Up to 500g

Is this possible in the free or paid version?

ELEX Support:

The premium version of plugin offers an option that let you choose whether you want to choose cheaper or partial rates.

You can disable the package option and can go for only satchels.


I have the premium version but can’t see where to disable packages in the settings. Can you assist?

ELEX Support:

By default, the plugin will display the cheapest rates.

For example, the plugin will display Express Post-Medium (3Kg) Satchel: $14.80.

There is an option in the plugin, called Alternative service.

Enable that option in the plugin settings, if you do not want to offer services like Satchels, letters, C5, B4, and DLE during checkout.

In this case, the plugin will display Express Post: $16 Instead of Express Post-Medium (3Kg) Satchel: $14.80.


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