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DHL WooCommerce Shipping Methods – ELEX Premium vs Free Plugin

Are you managing your orders via a WooCommerce store on WordPress and you are looking for a convenient way to manage your national and international shipments with either DHL eCommerce or DHL Paket?

This article guides you through the comparison between the top two WooCommerce DHL shipping plugins. WooCommerce DHL Shipping Plugin by ELEX and DHL for WooCommerce by DHL. Although ELEX also has a pro version called ELEX WooCommerce DHL Shipping Plugin with Print Label that provides a lot more features, we will discuss only the free version.

WooCommerce DHL Shipping Plugin by ELEX


The ELEX WooCommerce DHL Shipping Plugin helps WooCommerce based stores to streamline DHL Express shipping integration. This plugin helps you get shipping rates from DHL APIs based on product weight, postcode, and other relevant details. Based on the postal codes and other parameters, all available shipping services along with the rates are listed for the customers to choose from.

The plugin has over 2000+ active downloads which clearly says that it is accepted by customers. Also, it is tested with wordpress 4.9.2.

INTEGRATES WOOCOMMERCE TO DHL EXPRESS: Once DHL WooCommerce Shipping plugin is installed and configured with necessary information (please visit the installation section for more info), your WordPress/WooCommerce shop will be ready to ship using DHL Express. This plugin will add the DHL shipping method as one of the shipping methods in WooCommerce.


While checking out, a customer is presented with the available shipping services and the rates based on his/her postal code, product weight, and dimensions. The customer can choose the best method that matches his/her requirements and proceed to payment.


The premium features of this plugin include:


  • Print shipping label with Postage.
  • Return Label.
  • Commercial Invoice.
  • Archive Air Waybill.
  • Create & Delete shipments in Bulk.
  • Use the paperless trade feature and get a commercial invoice from DHL.
  • Auto Shipment Tracking: Tracking info will be available to the customer while generating the label.
  • Box packing with DHL boxes and Custom boxes.
  • Enable/disable, edit the names of services and add handling costs to shipping services.


  • Print shipping label with Postage.
  • Create a Manifest.
  • Return Label.
  • Cash on Delivery.
  • Shipment Tracking.
  • Bulk Creation/Deletion of shipments.
  • DHL Europaket Compatibility.
  • Packstation Compatibility.
  • Box Packing using predefined box sizes available for DHL Paket.


  • Print shipping label with Postage.
  • Box Packing.
  • Diverse Range of Services.
  • Shipment Tracking.

* Timely compatibility updates and bug fixes.
* Premium support!

Go check out the premium version of WooCommerece DHL Shipping Plugin


  1. Upload the plugin folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. That’s it – you can now configure the plugin.


DHL Express is a division of the German logistics company Deutsche Post DHL providing international courier, parcel and express mail services. Deutsche Post DHL is the world’s largest logistics company operating around the world, particularly in sea and airmail.

The Deutsche Post AG, operating under the trade name Deutsche Post DHL Group, is a German postal service and international courier service company, the world’s largest. The postal division delivers 59 million letters each day in Germany, making it Europe’s largest such company. The Express division (DHL) provides services in 220 countries.


DHL Paket is the easy, affordable, fast and reliable shipping service to over 220 countries around the world.

ABOUT DHL eCommerce

DHL eCommerce provides standard domestic and international parcel pick-up, delivery and return solutions for business customers as well as e-commerce logistics and facilitation services.


ELEXtensions creates quality WordPress/WooCommerce plugins that are easy to use and customize. We are proud to have thousands of customers actively using our plugins across the globe.


This plugin is the DHL extension for WooCommerce on WordPress. If you are managing your orders via a WooCommerce store on WordPress and you are looking for a way to manage your national and international shipments with either DHL eCommerce or DHL Paket, then you can try this plugin.


  1. Print DHL labels Fast and easy label creation of your national and international orders with DHL Paket and DHL eCommerce
  2. Create Auto tracking codes Automatically receive a tracking code for each label you create (if tracking is available for the selected product)
  3. Create Handover Notes conveniently for a smooth and reliable manifesting process in-line with your specific regional requirements for DHL eCommerce
  4. Use additional delivery services as e.g. the visual check of age available via the API of DHL Paket or Cash on delivery by DHL eCommerce in selected countries.
  5. Offer Preferred Delivery Options to your customers via DHL Paket “Wunschpaket” enabling your customers to select the preferred time and location of delivery. If the customer enters his home address and chooses a preferred location or preferred neighbor, the parcel can also be delivered in his absence.
  6. Customize names and rates Enable/disable or edit the names of services and set up the handling costs for each DHL shipping service
  7. Delete or reprint labels in case your printer experienced any issues.
  8. Experience premium support, timely compatibility updates and bug fixes.


  1. Upload the downloaded plugin files to your /wp-content/plugins/DHL-for-WooCommerce directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Go to WooCommerce–>Settings->Shipping and select the upper DHL unit (depending on your home country this is DHL Paket, DHL eCommerce), etc to configure the plugin

DHL WooCommerce Shipping Method


Both of these plugins are good in terms of features. While comparing the popularity of these two plugins, the DHL WooCommerce shipping method by ELEX has over 2000+ active downloads whereas the other one has only 100+ active downloads. This clearly shows the trust of the customers. Other than that DHL WooCommerce shipping method by ELEX is tested with the latest version 4.9.2 which clearly promises frequent updates and easy use whereas DHL for WooCommerce by DHL is only tested with wordpress 4.8.5. At the end of the day, it is the customer who decides which plugin is best suitable for him.

Or in case you are wondering what more does the DHL WooCommerce Shipping Method serve, I would request you to kindly visit the official product page here. If you need assistance regarding our plugins, you can also contact our support team. We are always happy to help.

Share your views and opinions in the comment box below.


To explore more details about the plugins, go check out ELEX WooCommerce DHL Express / eCommerce / Paket Shipping Plugin with Print Label.

Read the article for setting up DHL Express to understand the plugin, in detail. Or check out the product documentation section for more related articles.

You can also check out other WooCommerce and WordPress plugins in ELEX.

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