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DHL Express International Shipping with ELEX WooCommerce DHL Shipping Plugin

DHL along with its Official Integration Partner provides ELEX WooCommerce DHL Shipping Plugin with Print Labels that integrates DHL Express/ DHL eCommerce/ DHL Paket to WooCommerce. The integration becomes slightly more useful with the inclusion of the DHL express servicesEach day is a festival for someone around the world. And sending a gift when you can’t be there in person, to greet them is always great.

What if you could send flowers to anyone in the country within a day. That would be great right? Consider another situation where you own a fishery and supply fresh fish to restaurants around the world. Or think of the orchid owner who wishes to keep the fruits he exports to be fresh when it reaches to customers in a distant country. All these situations call for an express shipping service. Not just a shipping service it calls for a full complaint fulfillment service. A service that can help you book for shipping online, request a pickup for the packages, guide in packing, shipping the package with safety, and provide automatic tracking services.

DHL Express is one such service that has been providing a fast and reliable express service for all types of consumers. It has helped businesses of all sizes, organizations, and individuals to ship packages internationally within days. In the case of domestic, it ships packages within the day through its express services.

What is DHL Express?

DHL Express offers one of the fastest domestic and international shipping services around the world. It is known for shipping packages within a day, the next day or within a few days for international destinations. Express services by DHL remain the first choice among the hospitals, organizations, fruit, and vegetation industries and industries which require their packages to be delivered the very next day. And for non-business point of view, people use the express services for surprise gifts to their loved ones. These services are named based on the time of delivery as:

  • The Same Day Delivery- Uses the next flight out and delivers products in the shortest time available. 
  • The Time Definite Delivery- Land transports is involved in this.
  • Day Definite Delivery(International)

International Services Available

WooCommerce DHL Shipping Plugin with Print Label International express services
The image lists the international services, the mode of transport and the time of delivery of all service types.

Domestic Service Available

WooCommerce DHL Shipping Plugin with Print Label Domestic express services
The image lists the domestic services, the mode of transport and the time of delivery of all service types.

Find more information on DHL Express and DHL eCommerce. You can also refer to the Documentation of WooCommerce Shipping Plugin. And in the end, you can check out the Live Demo Site with the premium plugin for a detailed understanding.

DHL Express vs DHL eCommerce

Did you ever wonder about the possible difference between these two services? Well, DHL eCommerce is limited to continents of America, the Middle East/Africa, and the Asia Pacific. It provides cheap domestic and international shipping services. It’s fulfillment services are limited to select countries. The eCommerce services don’t show live shipping rates but provide all other services like packing, pickup, shipping, and tracking. You can use a Flat rate or a table rate plugin to show shipping rates in this case.

DHL Express, as discussed before, is a global service and provides live shipping rates for its express services. It offers fast and reliable shipping services. Anyone with a DHL Express account can send packages within a day based on the destination.

How to Configure WooCommerce DHL Shipping Plugin for International Shipping?

The plugin lists all of these Domestic and International Express Services. To enable any specific service you need to check the corresponding checkbox. The basic WooCommerce DHL Shipping Plugin also offers the same services.

To configure the plugin for International shipping, follow the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Dasboard> WooCommerce> Settings> Shipping> DHL Express> General. Now move to the first option of DHL Account Information. Obtain your DHL account information and enter them in the respective spaces. This activates your account through the plugin.
  2. Enable ‘Real Time Rates’.
  3. Enable ‘Shipping Labels’ if you want to print shipping Labels
  4. Make the service available to all countries.
  5. Move to Rates and Services and enable all services you want to offer to your customers. 
  6. Set the Label & Tracking as per your requirements.

Visit the DHL Express Setup Guide for a complete setup guide.

Express International Shipping Rates on Cart/Checkout Pages

Once you finish setting the plugin, you are ready to test the plugin for domestic and international shipping charges. Go to the shop and place products in the cart to see the shipping rates.

Now move to the Checkout and place the order. As the order is placed you can start with the shipping part of the process.


The actual shipping related activities start with creating the shipments based on the services selected by the customers. Shipments are created based on the dimension of the products and can be changed while creating the shipments. You can also change the service selected by the customer her. A successful creation of shipment generates the tracking information. This also leads to the printing of labels which contains all information up to the tracking id generated.

Creating Shipments

To test the international shipping services, create a sample order in the shop and move to the dashboard. Select the “orders” section to access the order overview pages. Go to a recent order and start creating shipments. You can start by making changes to the dimensions of the selected boxes. This changes the shipping costs too. Next, you can select a different service if you or your customer want to. And then click on ‘create shipment’. This returns tracking ids and the option to create labels.

Creating Labels

You can create shipping labels in different formats and two different dimensions, so you get enough options in labels. You can use almost any printer and get a shipping ready label. Click on Shipment Label for creating labels and Commercial Invoice for downloading the commercial invoice.

Sample international Shipping Label Created using DHL

International shipping requires an all compliant shipping document and a waybill for all shipment to be sent via air services. So it’s necessary to print correct waybills. You’ll also require the commercial invoice for international shipping, that you can print with a single click here.

Helpful Services

Schedule Pickup

DHL offers the service where it collects packages from the shipper address. This is usually termed as a pickup. DHL offers pickup services on request. In case of WooCommerce, you can use this plugin and schedule pickup for all your shipments. You can set the time when you want to schedule a pickup by DHL.

Navigate to Dashboard> WooCommerce>  Settings> Shipping> DHL Express> Label & Tracking> Pickup to enable pickup. Once you ‘enable pickup‘ you get to enter the number of days, specific time slot and a person’s details who can be contacted in case of queries. This information is sent to DHL, with each shipment you create with DHL.


Return Labels

It is important for an eCommerce store owner to deliver the best quality products to his customers. If the customer is not happy with the product that is delivered, they should be able to return it. With this plugin, just like shipment labels, you can generate return labels as well. This option is available in the edit order page. You can set a custom package, and choose a different service for return shipment. And you can enable or disable this option by going to WooCommerce> Settings> Shipping> Label & Tracking> Return label.

As you enable these option in the settings page, the two options appear on the order overview page as Process Return Shipment and Create Pickup request(screenshot).

Whatever services and features you saw here are just a glimpse of what else DHL has to offer through this WooCommerce Integration. Find out the five features of DHL most users miss out.


At $69.00 the plugin gets will services that take your business international, you automate your shipping and pay for the shipping through your account online. Not only this, it has the services of DHL eCommerce and DHL Paket making it the most versatile of all DHL integrations. Find 5 best features of WooCommerce DHL Shipping Plugin. DHL Express has seen very few integrations and ELEX (under the brand of XAdapter) is privileged to be an official integration partner of DHL. Explore more of our plugins or find out why should you switch to DHL today. Leave your comments below or contact our online support in case you have queries.

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