How to Customize USPS Shipping Labels using ELEX WooCommerce Shipping Plugin with USPS Postage? (with Video)

In this article, we will see how to customize USPS Shipping Labels using ELEX WooCommerce Shipping Plugin with USPS Postage. To explore other features of the plugin, you can check out the product page.

If you have a USPS e-VS account, you can make use of our ELEX WooCommerce USPS Shipping Plugin. If you have a regular USPS account, you can make use of ELEX WooCommerce Shipping Plugin. With the ELEX plugin, you can generate USPS domestic and international shipping labels as well as Custom Declarations Forms.

Customizing USPS Shipping Labels

With the ELEX plugin, you can access USPS real-time rates, create shipments, and generate USPS shipping labels with postage.

a. Enabling Real-time Rates

First and foremost, you need to enable real-time rates setting, as this will allow you to access service. To do this, go to WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping > > General.

Tick the Real-time Rates checkbox and save the settings. The sample settings are as shown in the screenshot below.

Customize Shipping Label | Enabling Real-time Rates

Enabling Real-time Rates

You also need to provide API credentials, select API mode and configure the Insurance settings. You can read the General settings section of the product documentation for more detail.

b. Customizing shipping labels

Among the various label generation settings, there are four settings that specifically allow you to customize the shipping labels.

1. Print Label Type

This setting allows you to select the desired format for printing the shipping labels. Our ELEX plugin provides four formats:

Customize Shipping Label | Print Label Types

Print Label Types

  1. PNG – This format is a raster graphics file format that supports lossless data compression.
  2. GIF – Used on the World Wide Web due to its wide support and portability.
  3. JPG – Most commonly used for storing and transmitting photographic images on the World Wide Web.
  4. PDF – Used to present document independent of the application, software, hardware, and operating system.

Paper Size for PDF: This setting appears only when PDF is selected in the previous setting. It allows you to select paper sizes. The plugin supports three paper sizes:

Customize Shipping Label | Paper Sizes for PDF

Paper Sizes for PDF

  1. Default – Uses default page size.
  2. Label 85X11 – Uses letter size paper (8.5 x 11 inches).
  3. Label Size – Uses label size paper (4 x 6 inches).

2. Print Layout

With the Print Layout setting, you can select the desired layout for printing. The plugin provides the following layouts:

Customize Shipping Label | Print Layouts

Print Layouts

  • Default – Uses the default print layout.
  • Normal – Label of 4×6 inches gets generated. For Critical Mails, this option generates labels for windowed envelopes.
  • NormalLeft – Label of 4×6 inches gets generated on the left side of the paper.
  • NormalRight – Label of 4×6 inches gets generated on the right side of the paper.
  • Normal4X6 – Label of 4×6 inches gets generated. This option only applies to Critical Mails and Library Mails.
  • Normal6X4 – Label of 6×4 inches gets generated. This option only applies to Critical Mails.
  • Normal75X2 – Label of 7.5×2 inches gets generated. This option only applies to domestic First Class or Priority packages.
  • NormalReceipt – Label of 6×4 inches and receipt gets generated.
  • NormalCN22 – A 4×6 label on an 8.5×11 sheet with Customs Form CN 22 gets generated.

You should note that the availability of the above layouts depends on the shipping services and label formats.

3. Hidden Postage

If the store owners wish to hide the actual postage charges in the shipping label, you can tick this setting to do so.

Customize Shipping Label | Hidden Postage

Hidden Postage

4. Time Zone Offset (Minutes)

This setting is helpful in showing the shipment creation time to the desired time. You can add time (in minutes) that will show the shipment was created to a later time than the actual time. Or you can give negative time by prefixing with a (minus) sign to the time to show the shipment was created way before the actual shipment creation time.

Customize Shipping Label | Time Zone Offset

Time Zone Offset

In addition to the above settings, you need to provide the sender address. This address helps in calculating the shipping rates and will also be printed on the shipping labels. Below is a screenshot showing the required sender address details.

Customize Shipping Label | Sender Details

Sender Details

Sample USPS Shipping Label

Below screenshot shows sample label settings. The shipping labels are configured to be PDF of label size 4×6 inches and print layout of Normal4X6. We have also added 1440 minutes as the timezone offset and disabled the Hidden Postage setting.

Customize Shipping Label | Sample Label Generation settings

Sample Label Generation settings

The below screenshot shows the sample domestic shipping label.

Customize Shipping Label | Sample USPS Label

Sample USPS Label

The actual shipment creation date was on 09/04/2019, but the above shipping label shows 09/05/2019 after adding the 1440 minutes of timezone offset. You can also notice the postage charge is shown, as configured, on top of the shipping label.

Therefore, in this way, you can customize USPS Shipping Labels using ELEX WooCommerce Shipping Plugin with USPS Postage.

You can also watch the below video tutorial.

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Read the product documentation to understand the plugin, in detail. Or check out the knowledge base section for more related articles.

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