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Customers are being overcharged for media mail

Customer :

We’ve set every item with dimension and proper weight. We’ve set packing to “recommended.” The customers are being overcharged for media mail. My client previously used Magento and never had a problem — the dimensions and weights for the products have not changed. We’ve tripled checked every item. But it overcharges — we check postage against Endicia with our shipping platform, T-hub, and it’s overcharging.

Please help us figure out our settings so we don’t continue to overcharge! Thank you!

Support :

We hope you were successful in setting up the Stamps.com plugin. For any help on setting up of the plugin, you can check the following link –

Once you are done, if you have any problem with the shipping services or rates, kindly do the following:

1. Enable the debug option from the settings tab and try debugging the transaction by analyzing the request and response. For more information on debugging, kindly check the following link – https://elextensions.com/troubleshooting-elex-woocommerce-stamps-com-plugin/

2. To compare the rates with the rates returned from Stamps.com, kindly check the rates on your Stamps.com account/Stamps.com software

On performing these things, if the problem persists, kindly provide us with the following information

  • Screenshot of Stamps.com account rates.
  • Request and response in a text file.
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