How To Create Bulk Variations Using ELEX WoCommerce Bulk Edit Products Plugin?

This article explains how to create Bulk variations for Global Attributes and also to set regular as well as sales price to those variations using our ELEX WooCommerce Bulk Edit Products plugin.

How to create bulk variations?

Through our ELEX Bulk Edit Products plugin, we can generate all possible combinations of variations from attributes, which ideally work in the similar manner as ‘Create variations from all attributes’ defined in the WooCommerce default settings.

In this article we have only focused on how we can create variations through our Bulk Edit Products plugin, but you can also delete and update variations using this plugin.

We will be talking about two products, where one product will have no variations at all, and the other product will have some variations.

Our first product named “Variation Product” is a Variable Product, which has Global attributes, and in our example, we will create variations for this product through our plugin.

Note – There are no variations added for this product currently, check the below screenshot.

Our product has global attributes named Size & Color. Size has values XL & XS, whereas Color has value as Black as per the below screenshot.Create Bulk Variations


Another example can be taken of a product named “Skirt”, which is again a Variable (Parent) and has the same Global attributes as the above product. But, it has only one combination of variation as seen in the below screenshot.

Now, let us create variations through our Bulk Edit Products plugin. 

Firstly, we will filter both these products by their Product type as Variable (Parent) and category as “ Music” since both these products belong to the same category.

Note – We need to filter the Product type as Variable (Parent) in order to create variations for variable products.Create Bulk Variations


Now, we will be able to preview this product on the Preview page as below.Create Bulk Variations

After previewing, we can proceed further to the Edit page, where we can create variations.

Follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Enable Create Variations

We need to enable the “Enable to Create Variations” check box, which will create variations from all Global attributes under the Create Variations tab.Create Bulk Variations



Once the Create Variations checkbox is enabled, it generates all possible combinations of variations from Global attributes for the filtered products.

2. Set Regular and Sales Price

Another functionality would be to also set the prices, i.e. Regular and Sales price for the variations which we are creating. 

We are setting the Variation Regular Price and the Variation Sale Price (Regular price is set to 100 and Sales price is set to 50) for filtered product variations as shown below in the screenshot:Create Bulk Variations

Note: Through this functionality, we will set the same prices for all the variations created using this plugin, but if you would like to alter any prices then you can proceed again by applying the filters and updating the variation prices based on your requirement.

Then click the Continue button to complete the bulk update process, and you can schedule or leave the scheduler page empty as per your requirement and click the Finish button.

Once the Bulk Update is finished, you will be viewing the screen as shown below:Create Bulk Variations

So now the ELEX Bulk edit has completed the creation of variations. Let’s have a look at the product page for which variations that have been generated.

This is the product named “Variation Product”, for which both variations ‘ XS and Black’ and ’XL and Black’ have been generated along with Regular price and Sales price.Create Bulk VariationsCreate Bulk Variations

And, for the product named “Skirt”, the variation ‘ XS and Black’ along with Regular price and Sales price are updated.

Note – XL & Black combination was a variation existing already, so it won’t be duplicated and the prices won’t be updated for this specific variation.Create Bulk VariationsCreate Bulk Variations

This is how you can easily create variations for already existing attributes and also to set regular as well as sales price to those variations using our ELEX WooCommerce Bulk Edit Products plugin.

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