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Australia Post version 2.0.2 – Major UI changes and lots of New Features

The latest version of our ELEX WooCommerce Australia Post Shipping Plugin with Print Label & Tracking has a number of improvements.

1) Shipping Label API Modified
2) Australia Post Order/Manifest API Implemented.
3) UI Changed
4) Extra 3 Services Introduced.
5) Email Tracking Option Introduced.
6) Shipment Description Option Introduced.
7) Email and Phone Number Fields Introduced.
8) Direct Download Option Introduced.
9) Customer Address Type Option Implemented.

1. Shipping Label API Modified

API modified because we are supporting StarTrack API now. That’s because Australia Post prefers to use StarTrack API.

2. Australia Post Order/Manifest API Implemented

Without Manifest (Order Summary), the shipment can get rejected at Customs check, causing penalty. So, Australia Post team wanted to implement it asap.

3. UI Changed

WooCommerce Australia Post Shipping Plugin with Print Label & Tracking
The modified UI is meant to give you a much better user experience with proper categorization of settings. We have moved from the “one-page settings” to a much sophisticated and clean look. The settings divided into “General”, “Rates & Services”, “Label & Tracking” and “Packaging”. Thus, your task of finding ‘where to configure what” gets easier.

4. 3 More services added


5. Email Tracking Option Introduced

WooCommerce Australia Post Shipping Plugin with Print Label & Tracking
With this option, when enabled will allow Australia Post API to email tracking information to the customers.

6. Shipment Description Option Introduced

Your orders can now have a custom description.

7. Email & Phone Number Fields Introduced

Fields for Shipper’s email address and phone no. introduced.

8. Direct Download Option Introduced

With this option, when enabled, label and order summary will be downloaded directly instead of opening in a browser window.

9. Customer Address Type Option Implemented

Now you can specify the Address Type of the customer from among the options Normal Delivery Address, Australia Post Parcel Locker, Australia Post Parcel Collection location.

Let us know how these new features have helped in improving the shipping service of your store.


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