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How to apply the role based pricing on the orders created by admin?

This article explains how to apply the role based pricing on the orders created by the admin on behalf of customers using ELEX WooCommerce Role-Based Pricing Plugin.

Follow the below instructions for applying the role-based pricing or price adjustment for the backend orders –

Step 1 – Configure the price adjustment or role based pricing for any particular user or role.

Step 2 – Go to the WooCommerce order admin page.

Step 3 – Click the “Add Order” button and select the particular user from the customer option for which role-based pricing is already set up, and complete the process by adding the billing and shipping address.

Step 4 – Make sure to mark the order status as “On hold” so that you can further edit the order.

Step 5 – Click the “Create order” option for generating the new order.

Step 6 – Now add the product into the cart. You will see the role-based pricing is getting applied on the product for that particular user.

Feel free to contact ELEX support if you have any queries.

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