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How to add Customer Support Agent Signature using WSDesk Agent Signature Add-On?

This article explains the step-by-step tutorial to add Customer Support Agent Signature using WSDesk Agent Signature Add-On. For more information on the plugin, refer to the product page.

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This add-on lets you add a WSDesk Agent signature for your replies. This signature can be seen in ticket replies in WSDesk dashboard, ticket conversations on front-end by the customer and emails exchanged between agent and customer.


For adding WSDesk agent signatures, you need the following:

  1. WSDesk – WordPress Helpdesk Plugin
  2. WSDesk Agent Signature Add-On

Getting started with WSDesk Agent Signature Add-On

Read an article to know how to complete the checkout process on ELEX. You can also read how to download, install, activate ELEX plugins.

The core configuration is determined with the WSDesk – WordPress Helpdesk Plugin settings and not the add-on settings. Hence you need to set up WSDesk first and then proceed with adding signatures.

Adding WSDesk Agent signatures

The add-on setting is available in the WordPress user profile settings. This is to make it easier for each user to set up their own agent signature.

Hover to the top right corner of your username and click Edit Profile. You can also navigate to Users > Your Profile from your WordPress left sidebar menu.

You can scroll down to find the WSDesk Agent Signature Add-On section. The signature setting contains a text field, where you can enter your signature in HTML format, as shown in the sample screenshot below.

WSDesk Agent Signature Add-On | Adding Agent Signature
Adding Agent Signature

Replying with Signatures

Once the previous settings are saved, you can go to the Tickets dashboard in WSDesk, open a ticket to view the newly added signature.

WSDesk Agent Signature Add-On | Replying tickets with Agent Signature
Replying tickets with Agent Signature

The signature will also be shown in other instances of communication between agent and customer like emails and tickets table seen by the customer in the support page.


To explore more details about the plugin, go check out WSDesk Agent Signature Add-On.

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