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How & Why Business World Evolved Towards Customer Experience

The whole world watched the tides turn….

The priority trends in the business world are no longer limited to developing an idea into finished goods. Or keeping updated with the needs of the masses. It is also about how your customers find your product or service. Customer experience is that aspect which plays a vital role in the development of a modern-day business. But how did this happen?

It all began in the late 90s and early 2000 when business trends started showing an inclination towards customers. Everyone was taken in by surprise. The market control started shifting into the hands of customers. With no one anticipating the emergence of such an important factor, how did the market react to this?

Customer Relationship – An Essential Part of Business Strategies

Businesses realized their strategies needed real reforms. They started working tirelessly to provide the best of their products to customers. In this scenario, customers had the power to uplift or destroy a company. However, there was so much to choose from, and customers were more confused than excited. Hence, the experience provided by the product or the company became the game changer. Companies became well aware that if they launch a product focused on enriching the customer experience, it was bound to perform well. As a result, there was a significant inclination towards experience, and companies were increasingly willing to move in this direction. And with consistent efforts to deliver a world-class experience, companies were less likely expected to fail.

This seemed simpler than it actually was. Developing a product based on customer needs. But how to know what the customers actually need? And more importantly, why would the customers trust you by telling you, what they need?

Developing customer relationships emerged as the need of the hour. A huge and loyal customer following was needed for the development of the company. And an effective customer relationship management was needed to manage that customer base.

How Customer Involvement Helps Businesses to Grow?

As customer service provides results for both the company as well as the customers, it demanded due consideration in business planning. A company would get a good idea of its footing through a well-documented analysis of customer experience and reviews. This, in turn, would enable the company to study and find ways to enrich the customer experience, resulting in a loyal and strong customer base. Now, customers too would have their own perks – getting the best experience, worthy of their money and time invested in the company. Moreover, a never-ending support for their issues as well as expectations. Customer service thus proves to be a win-win situation for both parties.

Some more areas where companies saw Customer Service playing an important part are:

  • Categorizing and solving customer problems.
  • Customer relationship builder.
  • Customer relationship management.
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Improving current product or services based on customer reviews.
  • Setting guidelines for the development of a new product, based on customer expectations.
  • Deciding the future of the company/product.

Customer’s issues, reviews, advice, and remarks act as a virtual influencing agent towards the growth of both the company and its products. And for them, to be able to trust the company and its products; providing just the helping hands is not enough. A pair of ears, able to (and want to) hear the customers, has become a must.

Every customer wants to utilize the full worth of every penny he is paying for any product. Hence, he may look up to someone to make him aware of the capabilities and all the functionalities of the product. The Customer Support Team, along with solving the issues of the customers, could help them in understanding the product and its proper usage. Besides, the companies were now able to find out what and how much customers need.

Customer Service – A Vital Aspect of Business Success

Unsurprisingly, the business world has accepted customer service as an integral part of business development. It is no longer a side-lined topic of discussion, but a dominant factor for consideration. According to Forbes, 2017 has seen a remarkable improvement in the amount of attention given to the customer service. For example, companies no longer sit idle after launching a well-designed, well-fabricated end product. Things like customer’s troubles in familiarizing with the product, inability of not being able to understand certain functionalities, reviews, further expectations, etc. are being handled for later analysis.

Forbes’s report suggests:

….. Customer service is getting better (even if it doesn’t look like it)…..

…..There is a new benchmark, and other companies, even with their efforts to improve, aren’t able to keep up with customers’ newfound expectations. The good news is that companies are making the effort, they are improving, and they can catch up to those new expectations…..

The notion of a product being called the finished product has changed with product development over time. Focused Customer Service is making sure that the customer input is not going in vain.

So is it a right decision to give Customer Services and Relationship Management as much attention and importance, as they are already giving? Yes. probably it values much more, as they not only strengthen the foundations of both company and product, but also provides with an insight of what the need is, and what will it be in the future.

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