How to Reduce Shipping Challenges with WooCommerce Automatic Shipping Calculator?

Problems are inevitable while running any kind of business. There are various complaints and customer problems to be dealt with on a regular basis and, if there are shipping wooes on top of that, it could make the perfect recipe for a disaster. Customer satisfaction is primary and most of this is divided between product quality and shipping management. If you have access to the right tools, you could probably bid adieu to your shipping management issues. In this article we will discuss how to reduce shipping challenges with WooCommerce automatic shipping calculator using an ELEX plugin.

Shipping calculators have emerged as a plausible tool of solution for most of the concerns associated with shipping. They have proven their worth by countering some of the most common yet frequent problems faced by customers. These are mostly associated with the customer experience that tends to affect the rate of sale and business popularity. Including a shipping calculator can do wonders to your business and help save your efforts. You can easily install and set up ELEX WooCommerce Shipping Calculator, Purchase Shipping Label & Tracking for Customers.

Here are 3 of the most common shipping challenges that can be easily countered by ELEX shipping calculator:

First Challenge: Abandoning cart items

Have you ever observed that most potential customers tend to leave their order process incomplete right before the transaction process? This is referred to as shopping cart abandonment.

Any number of product/s left without transaction in a cart is called “abandoned” and it is these abandoned items which make eCommerce stores give up on 75% of their sales. However, if you are able to figure out a way to lower the cart abandonment rate, profit sees an upward graph. Here are a few plausible ways to tackle this:

Solution One: Diversity of Shipping options displayed to the customers.

Most eCommerce stores can increase their profits by offering multiple shipping options to their customers. This is to allow the customers a wide variety of shipping options so that they can select an option that best aligns with their interests.

Some may prefer low-cost delivery while others could be more comfortable with a high priced service. Presenting a diverse range of services has proven to be beneficial to both the sellers and the clients. Adding a shipping calculator to the store can display the various shipping services along with the approximate cost.

ELEX Shipping calculator automatically calculates and compares shipping rates of major shipping companies such as FedEx, USPS, UPS, Canada Post, etc. Customers can easily select their preferred rates and order the product.

Solution Two: Give a clear idea of the delivery dates

Clear communication is some times the answer to the frequently expressed doubts. A clear cut system of communication which delivers the necessary details like estimated date of delivery on the Checkout page enhances the shopping experience of customers and helps build a sense of trust with the brand and business. Estimated dates of delivery put the customers at ease and give them peace of mind which, in turn, leads to increased rates of checkout conversions and makes your business look active and responsive.

After successful integration of ELEX shipping calculator, you can display estimated shipping days which will give a clear idea to the customers as to when their order will arrive.

Solution Three: Goodbye to shocker shipping costs

It is a common experience of most customers to get shocked by the heavy numbers displayed on the Checkout page while engaging with an international shopping website. The recipients of international parcels and senders of the same are often attacked with surprising and unbalanced shipping fees.

No one particularly expresses enthusiasm while paying additional fees; however, when you are informed beforehand that you will have to pay a little extra, the shock softens and evolves into a soft blow, which prepares you mentally for the total fees coming up. ELEX shipping calculator can be added to the cart and checkout pages to help in ensuring that the customers are informed of the shipping costs as soon as the product is added to the cart. This leads to a curb in cart abandonments and eliminating any surprise costs.

Second Challenge: Poor sales service

It is extremely important to generate sales through the website. Some of these important factors include involving a product that is popular among the buyers and is presented in the right manner to execute a successful marketing strategy. This would take the business one step closer to customer satisfaction which is also marked by cost-effectiveness and brilliant after-sales service. Thus, providing excellent after sales service is just another under-rated marketing tool that can be utilised for building a business. 

A customer’s relationship with a company starts with the first online sale. It is extremely important to manage the relationship post the first order, which includes responding to the queries of customers and resolving any complaints they may have along with, streamlining the shipping procedure.

Solution: Involve an option that allows shipment tracking

Order Tracking allows customers to keep a tab on all online orders along with shipments. This includes communicating the status of the order to the customers at any time, tracking ID/number, estimated dates of delivery and frequent status updates. All these elements can be synced together using the ELEX shipping calculator to enhance the consumer experience and alerting them of any delays.

Third Challenge: Return on Investments and Profits

There is a significant movement in the purchases completed in physical stores vis-a-vis online orders which results in producing an upheaval in the physical footprints of retailers which seems to be unaffected. A little investigation in the matter would reveal that e-commerce stores are not profitable and in many scenarios – corporate and venture capital investments pose no chance of producing a risk-adjusted return.

Solution: Utilise your resources efficiently

A successful eCommerce business includes syncing diverse factors like products and sales with marketing, branding efforts, customer insights which can automatically seem stressful. A website that is attractive, seems to capture and hold the attention of potential customers is important for growing the sales of a business but so is, the proper management of office operations as it has a direct impact on the services provided to the customers.

You must ensure that not a lot of time, energy or resources is being invested in the wrong segment. Thus, figuring out a way to automate order fulfillment is one way to achieve that. Bulk shipping label creation and package creation using the ELEX shipping calculator are two important ways of ensuring that time and energy is being invested in the right direction

Now you have a clear idea of how to reduce shipping challenges with WooCommerce automatic shipping calculator. If you still have any doubts you can contact our support team or write your queries in the comments below.

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