How to Compare Shipping rates with ELEX WooCommerce Shipping Calculator plugin?

Are you tired of calculating total shipping cost and making tables of comparison to avail the best services? Then we have news for you! ELEX WooCommerce Shipping Calculator aids customers in choosing/creating packages, calculating shipping costs based on the difference between the distance of the shipper and receiver along with being able to generate labels without getting into the backend dashboard. It is also instrumental in generating tracking links and sending the necessary details to the receiver and the shipper, via e-mail. In this article we will discuss how to compare shipping rates with the help of ELEX WooCommerce shipping calculator plugin and all of its features.

How will the shipping carrier services be integrated?

The shipping carrier APIs should be integrated with the ELEX WooCommerce Shipping Calculator, post which the required services of the carriers must be made accessible to the customers. A complete list of the various shipping services offered by the configured shipping carriers along with the necessary rates and approximate dates of delivery are also provided to the customers. This helps them in picking the service which best aligns with their needs, convenience and allows them to receive the tracking information without much hassle.

It is also popular for providing the best experience in domestic and international shipping with perfect packaging, labels and tracking.

What are the features of WooCommerce Shipping Calculator Plugin?

The plugin is your one-stop solution for every shipping related need! Here are a few more reasons to convince you why this plugin is the most suitable option for your shipping calculations.

  • The effortless calculation of shipping rates and the approximation of the time of delivery, all provided based on the zip code, address and country of the shipper and receiver with the weight and dimensions of the packages is one of the most important features of the plugin.
  • The most convenient shipping service and shipping carrier can be selected by comparing the rates and time taken to deliver. The plugin is compatible with FedEx, UPS and USPS etc.
  • Pre-defined packages are available for quick selection, based on weight and dimensions before executing the shipping process.
  • In case there are no predefined packages for the ordered items, customers can create custom packages.
  • The required shipping carriers and services displayed on the calculator platform can be adjusted or added along the respective shipping cost.
  • A new webpage can be created to place the calculator on the website and grant access to the selected users in the store. An option for editing label details can also be added to this page.
  • The generated label link and tracking link can be sent to the sender and receiver’s email address immediately. The email must be drafted along the same line.
  • The availability of the calculator must be made accessible to the selected user and guest roles as required.
  • The custom messages can be displayed for customers on the completion of the order depending on the failure or success of the label.
  • The shipping calculators can be customized with a heading description and checkout button. Custom colours can be picked for the panel background, selected tab along with buttons.
  • A help icon on the home page can be displayed which links the documentation or articles on how to access and use the shipping calculator. Relevant FAQs can also be added to this segment.

How can you use a WooCommerce Shipping Calculator to calculate shipping costs?

The ELEX WooCommerce Shipping Calculator Plugin allows customers to link the shipping carrier APIs and choose the different services offered by each unique carrier thus, allowing the users to gain access to different options available to them. The shipping services are organized neatly with the pricing and estimated dates of arrivals, thereby catering to the customers’ convenience and helping them select the most suitable option for their label needs along with helping them acquire the real-time tracking links.

To ship an item from location A to location B, the weight and dimensions of the product must be chosen carefully, for they are key in determining the package and the cost-effective shipping service that will ultimately be selected to serve the purpose. Comparison of rates and estimated time of delivery is also calculated on the basis of the aforementioned factors. Post all this, the shipping label will be printed and the tracking details will be sent to the sender and receiver.

The ELEX WooCommerce Shipping Calculator allows its customers to determine the accurate delivery expense with just a few clicks and without the involvement of a third-party website.

How to Compare Shipping rates with the help of ELEX WooCommerce Shipping Calculator plugin

Follow these simple steps to understand how the plugin can be configured:

  • Enter the necessary geographical details like sender’s and receiver’s zip code, name, address, e-mail, phone number. 

  • The next button will redirect to a packaging tab. This asks to specify the dimensions of the product/item (in cm/m/mm) and the weight (in kg/lbs/oz/g). Entering the specific dimensions and weight of the product would allow the customers to choose from a list of available carrier packaging options and create a customized packaging option.
  • The packages can also be bulk-generated by entering the required weight and dimensions in a CSV file, which has to be uploaded. For making a custom packaging, the Custom Packaging option must be selected from the drop-down list available with the required details.

  • The Carrier packaging can be selected from the drop-down menu. Post selecting the required package, enter the product-related details separately using the CSV template. Click the Next button.
  • This tab will open a list of services with the names of all major shipping carriers such as USPS, UPS, Canada Post, FedEx etc., that are suited for the packages to be shipped.
  • The checkout page post this, will contain the printed labels with the tracking links and handling fees added to the subtotal.

Just follow these steps to Compare Shipping rates with the help of ELEX WooCommerce Shipping Calculator plugin. If you have any queries related to the plugin integration you can checkout this article: How to set up ELEX WooCommerce Shipping Calculator, Purchase Shipping Label & Tracking for Customers? If you still have any doubts you can write your queries in the comments below.

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