How to Calculate the Shipping Rates and Print Shipping Labels with a Shipping Calculator Plugin? 

Shipping calculators have changed the way shipping as a process is perceived. It has made things simple, convenient and affordable. However, it’s often the comparison of the prices of different shipping carriers which puts us in a fix. In this article we will learn how to calculate the shipping rates and print shipping labels with a shipping calculator plugin? 

How to Calculate the Shipping Rates Using a Plugin

ELEX WooCommerce Shipping Calculator Plugin allows the linking of shipping carrier APIs and enables its users to choose services offered by each carrier. This allows the customers to gain access to these chosen services. Every shipping service is listed with the accurate pricing and estimated dates of delivery so as to allow the customers to choose the service which best aligns with their needs and requirements. It also allows users to print labels and take a look at real-time tracking links.

ELEX WooCommerce Shipping Calculator Plugin supports EasyPoint shipping service. Signing up for an EasyPost account will give an API  key to enter into the plugin. Currently, it supports carriers like FedEx, UPS, USPS, and Canada Post through EasyPost.

To ship a product from Point A to Point B, the packaging should be chosen accurately, based on the weight and dimensions along with choosing the most cost-efficient service, which can be selected by comparing the rates and expected time of arrival. The shipping label should be printed post choosing the required shipping carrier, and the tracking information must be obtained. Had it not been a world functioning on digitisation of services, a trip to the post office/shipping carrier’s office couldn’t have been avoided. Count all this and the time taken to weigh and measure the parcel along with the transaction process. Now doesn’t it all seem easy with just a few clicks away?

With the help of this shipping calculator plugin, delivery expenses can be confirmed without putting a foot out of the door. There is absolutely no need to browse any third-party website. Here is a detailed process to aid in selecting a shipping service, printing the label, receiving the track link and much more using the Shipping Calculator plugin. 

How to Calculate the Shipping Rates and Print Shipping Labels with a Shipping Calculator Plugin

  • Open the shipping calculator available on the website and the ‘Shipping’ tab is visible in the new window. Customers can also research on how to configure the plugin from scratch.

  • The details of the sender and the receiver should be entered. This includes the zip codes of both the sender and the receiver, address, city, state, e-mail, phone number. Select the ‘Next’ button and users are redirected to the next tab which is about ‘Packaging’.
  • The usual units of measuring dimensions are used which are, cm, mm, or mm. The weights are also measured in the standard units which include  kg, lbs, oz, or g.

  • There is also an option to choose appropriate units of product which have been bought by the buyer. Inputting the weight and dimensions of the particular products in this segment would allow the users to choose a carrier packaging option from the pre-defined list of packages available. If customers are not satisfied with the list of options, they can opt for the custom packaging option.
  • Packages can be generated in bulk by entering the weight and dimensions of various products in a CSV file. To create a custom package select ‘Custom Packaging’ from the drop down list. The weight and measurement units must be entered into it to execute the bulk generation process.
  • You can bulk-generate multiple packages by putting the weight and dimensions of several products into a CSV file. If you wish to make a custom package, select Custom Packaging from the drop-down pickup list and enter the weight and measurement units. Additional products can be added by selecting the ‘Add another parcel’ option and filling in all the required information.

  • The carrier packaging can be selected from the drop down menu and the appropriate choice could be chosen for the EasyPost’s carrier packaging. Post selecting the desired packaging, the weight of the items along with other specifications can be entered. The weight and dimensions along with other requirements should be entered individually into a CSV file, if users feel the need to create various multiples at once. A CSV file template can be accessed by choosing the ‘Sample Template’ link. The template’s data must be filled, saved and uploaded by choosing a file from the device. Each product’s weight, height, length and width should be entered separately, post which it should be saved and uploaded.

  • Choose the Next button and move onto the next step. Click on the ‘previous’ option to go back to the last page in case there is something that needs to be edited. Post this is the ‘services’ tab which helps in choosing the shipping carrier for the package/s selected.
  • Then select the ‘proceed to checkout’ button.
  • A new page will appear, leading you to the Checkout page. An order can now be placed to print the labels with the tracking links emailed to the owner and the customer. A handling fee specified in the Rates and Services settings will be added to the total of all the services, if you have selected one and the order will be fulfilled. 
  • The previously added details can be edited  before moving onto the checkout process. Select the ‘Edit Label Details’ button, which will direct to the homepage of the shipping calculator created on the separate webpage. Choose the ‘Proceed to Generate Label’ option post filling in the details of the label.

When your order is successfully placed you will see a screen like below, where you can download the shipping label and access the tracking number.

  • The customer can explore and move to the My account > Orders to re-check the created label and tracking link. Customers can see all their orders and then select the view option to move onto the individual order page, where the labels can be printed and tracking link generated.
  • Post the creation of the label, it is emailed to the sender’s and receiver’s email addresses, with a link to download it and the tracking link. A Sample label is displayed below.

Now you have the thorough understanding of How to Calculate the Shipping Rates and Print Shipping Labels with a Shipping Calculator Plugin. If you still have questions or doubts you can mention them in the comments below. You can also write to us for more ideas or suggestions.

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