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How to add a tracking number from USPS to Orders on WooCommerce?

Are you someone who is into marketing your products on various social media channels to lure customers into buying? Then this is for you.

Most of the small to big eCommerce vendors prefer to market their products on social media. It is one of the promising methods to market your products right away. Suppose a random customer purchases one of your products through social media.

How do you plan to deliver this order to the customer?

You need to decide upon a reliable carrier who can deliver your order securely to the customer.USPS is one of the most popular shipping services opted by many eCommerce store owners to deliver packages cost-effectively. It is renowned for its low-cost shipping options. It offers a free pick up of packages for the orders, which makes it a better choice for any eCommerce store owner.

USPS Shipping

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USPS or United States Postal Service is one of the ideal choices for effective packaging and shipping. It aims to provide quick, reliable, trusted, and affordable shipping that connects people and also helps the business to grow. USPS plays an indispensable role in molding the eCommerce enterprises and facilitating easy communication within regions for reliable delivery of packages.

How USPS help an eCommerce vendor?

USPS is one of the popular choices of eCommerce vendors in establishing a connection with its customers. It offers free pickup and delivery of packages, which also helps in return pick and drop too. Whenever a customer places an order to a vendor, the vendor has to pack the order in an appropriate package as prescribed by USPS guidelines. Once the package is packed, it is shipped. The package gets a label attached concerning the location to which it is shipped to and the tracking number details. The vendor and the customer can easily track their package using the USPS tracking option.

Popular WordPress plugins like ELEX WooCommerce USPS Shipping Plugin with Shipment Tracking & Print Label helps to integrate USPS with WooCommerce Shipping. In a way, the vendor need not worry about displaying the shipping rates and other tracking details on their website, with this integration. The seamless integration helps to ease the process of obtaining the shipping data to the eStore.

How to use ELEX WooCommerce USPS Shipping Plugin with Shipment Tracking & Print Label?

ELEX WooCommerce USPS Shipping Plugin with Print Label is a simple WooCommerce extension that simplifies the shipping process for any WooCommerce store. It automates the process of obtaining the shipping rates from USPS as well as efficiently track the package during its transit.

If you have a WooCommerce store all you need to do is :

  1. Get the plugin and install it.
  2. Enable the USPS shipping Methods
  3. Once enabled and integrated, then you get all the shipping rates and the package details on your cart.
    Message from USPS server
  4. On placing the order you can easily generate the shipping labels.
    USPS label generated
  5. Get live tracking details of your package from the plugins data regarding your package.
    USPS tracking

It becomes easy to track the data of your package while in transit. Most of the customers prefer the vendor, who offers them the clarity in tracking the order.

How to add a tracking number from USPS to Orders on WooCommerce?

When you are running an eCommerce store, the only next thing after marketing you will focus on is the order delivery. Every customer wants their orders delivered promptly and safely. To keep the information flow regarding the shipping and to keep the customer posted about the same, it is important to rely on a proper shipping carrier.

Consider a scenario wherein your customer purchases some items from any of your social media marketing pages randomly. And you do not own a big store even though you are into the regular eCommerce business. But you need to fulfill your customer’s order. Since USPS is one of the reliable shipment carrier and offer shipment at an affordable rate. All you can do is, pack your customer’s order into a box that keeps the item safe and then call up USPS. USPS offers free pickup and delivery of packages. Hence the order is picked by the USPS staff which is then shipped. In the USPS office, the package is either packed into flat rate boxes or any other as per the preferences. Once the order is packed and ready to be shipped, a shipping label is procured from USPS and placed on the package.

How to add the USPS tracking number to the Order?

Using the ELEX WooCommerce USPS Shipping Plugin with Print Label, you can easily display rates to your customer while placing the order. The plugin seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce and USPS to ease the shipping process. When small to medium eCommerce vendors do not hold any premium account with USPS then the shipping labels cannot be generated with the plugin. To support such vendors, the plugin lets to add the tracking number from USPS to the orders on the WooCommerce site easily.

Now as a vendor, your only concern is how to keep your customer communicated about the shipping data, as that points out the credibility of your store.

As a vendor, you check for your package tracking id which is generated by USPS when you shipped the order. And then place it on the order purchased by the customer in your WooCommerce store. The ELEX WooCommerce USPS Shipping Plugin with Print Label helps you do the same with seamless integration. All you need to do is,  obtain the tracking id from USPS and place it against the order placed by the customer in your WooCommerce store.

Add trackign id to the shipment plugin

It comes handy for your customer, as they need not worry about the tracking of the shipment through USPS. As they get to see their order tracking data from your WooCommerce store. Moreover, on clicking the tracking data, the plugin will flawlessly display the tracking data of the package.

In this way, you can ease communication with your customers and establish a potential relationship with them.


It is easy to track your order using the ELEX WooCommerce USPS Shipping Plugin with Print Label, even if the shipment label is not generated using the plugin. This functionality helps small to even big merchants who want to keep their communication with the customers intact. In a way, it helps to grow and expand the business.

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