How To Add a USPS Shipping Calculator on The Product Page?

USPS is regarded as the most trusted and reliable shipping company worldwide. You can consider integrating USPS shipping on your WooCommerce store and displaying live rates to the customer. In this article we will use a convenient USPS plugin and learn how to add a USPS Shipping calculator on the product page?


Founded in 1775 on the promise of providing global services to all Americans at the most convenient rates. USPS has an unparalleled network to deliver packages to all households in the United States.

Benefits of Using USPS

  • Insurance: Packages of Priority Mail and Mail express include $50 insurance, especially when the purchase is executed at the post office or directly on the USPS website. If you use a shipping software to buy USPS postage at the market or commercial rates, the free insurance goes up to $100 per package.
  • Heavy Discounts: USPS provides affordable shipping rates along with access to commercial pricing rates, which are partnered with fulfillment providers. If you are shipping in large quantities you can avail additional discounts.
  • Convenient Pickup Service: You can schedule a free pickup of packages directly through the website. Pickups can be scheduled based on available slots and customers can also request for specific time slots.

How To Integrate USPS Shipping Calculator on the Product page?

ELEX WooCommerce USPS Shipping Plugin helps you to automate USPS services by displaying live shipping rates on the Cart and Checkout page. Use the embedded shipping calculator to calculate shipping costs. Print USPS eVS SCAN forms and labels from the admin page and also track your packages easily.

Features of ELEX WooCommerce USPS Shipping Plugin

  • This plugin allows you to automatically display USPS Shipping Rates and estimate date for delivering products.
  • Both store owners and customers can use the integrated feature to track shipments.
  • Users can generate USPS postage for shipping in the domestic and international shipping zones.
  • The integrated shipping calculator will automatically fetch live USPS shipping rates based on the entered country and zip code. 
  • For packaging you make use of three available options and configure processing of unpacked items.
  • Use the flat rate service from USPS if the delivery location falls under the domestic regions of the United States and your item weighs less than 70 lbs.
  • Configure domestic and international USPS services, change their values and title based on your requirements.
  • Easily Print Shipping Labels with USPS eVS SCAN forms after your order is successfully placed. USPS plugin facilitates bulk shipments for eVS in the WooCommerce order page.
  • Include import tax registration details for barrier free shipments to any country for an effortless customs process. 

How to add a USPS Shipping Calculator on the Product page?

Simply install the plugin and activate it. When you are done, access your WordPress dashboard and go to WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping > USPS > General. You will see a screen like below.

General: Here you can enable real time rates, enter UPI and origin postcode. Use the debug and integration mode if you are still in the development stage. Make use of insurance and include media mail rate for shipping classes.

Rates & Services: In this tab you can change the method title, select countries for shipping, and show live or offline rates. Enable estimated delivery date, choose USPS shipping services and configure flat rate. This section also allows you to display a shipping calculator on the product page, which we will discuss later.

Packaging: Configure parcel packing option using following options. 

  • Pack Items Individually
  • Pack into boxes with weight and dimensions
  • Weight-based: Regular sized items (<12 inches) are grouped
  • Weight-based (improved)

You can also manage how unpacked items will be processed.

Label Generation: In this section you configure label size, and type. Choose the default international service and enter the sender address, and also select the custom content type.

Tracking: This section allows you to enable or disable shipment tracking. Set tracking mode to manual or automatic and type a custom shipment message. 

License: Use this section to enter your API Licence Key and Email id to receive regular updates from the ELEX support team.

For a detailed guide on all of the above sections you can read this guide: How to Set Up ELEX WooCommerce USPS Shipping Plugin with Print Label? (with Video)

How To Add a USPS Shipping Calculator on The Product Page?

In the Rates & Services section, scroll down to the title Shipping Calculator, you will see 2 options.

Display on Product Page: This option allows you to select a position to display the USPS shipping calculator on the product page. Choose After add to cart button or Before add to cart button as per your preference. Select the option None if you don’t want to display the USPS shipping calculator.

Customize Header Text: Here, you can type a custom title for the shipping calculator. We recommend that you type a title that is in sync with your business needs. When you are configured these 2 options click the Save Changes button.

Now let’s visit the frontend of the online store and see how this shipping calculator works. Open the product page on the online store. The USPS shipping calculator is displayed on the product page below the Add to cart button. Click the option Check Shipping Rates to calculate and display USPS live shipping rates. 

After clicking this option users can enter details in the 2 available fields. 

Country Name: From this dropdown customers or store admin can select the country where they want to deliver the package. This shipping calculator automatically fetches shipping rates based on the selected country name. 

Postcode/Zip Code: For more accurate shipping rates you can enter the Postcode or ZIP code.

When you have selected the desired country name and entered the zip code, click the Show Rates button. 

You can see the available USPS shipping services and their corresponding rates. Customers can check these rates and proceed to the Checkout page and order the desired product using one of these shipping services. Later you can print shipping labels and track your orders.

Just follow the above instructions on how to add a USPS shipping calculator on the product page. A shipping calculator can make your online store cost effective and improve user experience with competent shipping service. If you still have any questions you can leave a comment below. 

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