How To Set A Minimum/Maximum Order In Your WooCommerce Store?

Setting a minimum order amount in WooCommerce implies that before going to checkout, your clients must add products to their shopping cart and achieve a specified purchase value.

Shipping expenses may occasionally exceed the cost of the products if you sell lower-priced items in your store. Of course, you may ship such orders, but you’ll usually have to set a minimum order amount to avoid them.

If the customer’s shopping cart contains items with a total value less than the minimum order amount, an error message will appear on the checkout page. Before the transaction can be executed, the client must meet the required minimum order.

You may want to establish a minimum and maximum order amount for your eCommerce site, depending on the scenario. In some business types, setting boundaries can help boost profits and streamline operations. This is especially true if you’re selling limited-edition products and need to provide steep discounts. How do you integrate this feature into your WooCommerce store? In this post, we’ll look at how to set a minimum and maximum order amount.

The ELEX Minimum Order Amount plugin makes setting the WooCommerce minimum and maximum order amounts easier. The reasons for setting an order amount limit and how to accomplish it using the ELEX plugin are discussed in the next section.

Reasons behind Setting an Order Amount limit

  • A large minimum order might be a silver lining, allowing only the most worthy customers to participate.
  • Customers on the go with some extra cash may find the cost to be a little too high. Instead, you might be able to locate buyers who trust your work enough to include it as a big part of their expenditure.
  • A high minimum can also encourage businesses to stock your whole range rather than just one or two goods, depending on your wholesale costs.
  • You might wish to set a higher minimum if your supplies are pricey or the process of manufacturing your gorgeous item is time-consuming. If making your goods takes less time, you may choose to decrease your minimum amount.
  • You may almost totally eliminate the chance of the offer backfiring by assessing your customers’ normal spending and shipping expenses and adjusting your minimum order criteria accordingly.
  • By establishing a minimum and maximum order quantity, you may ensure that you make the smallest profit possible. You may be able to offer the consumer extra discounts and incentives if you do so. This will boost the conversion rate indirectly.
  • Setting a minimum spending criterion that is somewhat higher than the average amount spent by clients might instantly increase average expenditure. A significant fraction of your consumers will add things to their cart just to benefit from your free shipping or other promotions.

Setting Minimum and Maximum Order Amounts using a Plugin

WooCommerce does not enable you to set a minimum order amount by default. To activate this capability, you must either install a WordPress plugin or make changes to your WordPress files.

In this scenario, we’ll use the ELEX Minimum Order Amount for the WooCommerce plugin. This plugin is absolutely free and adds a number of features and tools to WooCommerce.

The characteristics of the plugin are mentioned below:

  1. To implement financial limits, you can choose minimum and maximum amounts. You may set the quantity limitations for each WordPress User Role.
  2. You may notify customers of the total order amount restriction with a warning SMS message.
  3. To implement the order amount restriction, enable the rule for a certain user role. You may also store the rule after disabling it, by leaving the order amount restriction and warning text blank.

Install and activate the plugin as you would any other plugin to get started. Visit the ELEXtensions website or download the WordPress plugin to get started. After downloading the zip. File, navigate to WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin and select the zip. File When the installation is finished, click Activate Plugin.

Activate the ELEX Minimum Order Amount plugin

After the plugin has been installed and activated, go to Dashboard > WooCommerce > Minimum Order Amount.

A table in the plugin settings dashboard lists all WordPress User Roles that have been created, including unregistered users.

The plugin has a few menus that are self-explanatory. The menus and functionalities available in the Minimum Order Amount plugins settings will be discussed in the next section.

ELEX Minimum Order Amount plugin settings

Determine your product’s minimum and maximum pricing: 

  • Min subtotal ($) – Enter the minimum order amounts in this section to generate a minimum order limit. There will be no minimum order amount if you leave the Min subtotal ($) box blank, and the initial order amount will be $0. 
  • Max subtotal ($) – Enter the maximum order amounts in this section to generate a maximum order limit. There will be no maximum restriction if you leave the Max subtotal ($) field blank.

ELEX Minimum Order Amount plugin settings

Provide a warning message: If you only allow clients to shop within a certain price range, it’s a good idea to let them know about order constraints. This is done with the help of the Warning Message menu. Messages tailored to the user’s role can be displayed. Because the text field supports HTML, you may use HTML components in your messages.

ELEX Minimum Order Amount plugin settings

For each user role, enable or deactivate the minimum order value: To activate or disable the rule for any of the listed user roles, tick or uncheck the relevant box under Enable once you’ve finished setting up the minimum and maximum order quantities for each user position.

Now that we have a comprehensive understanding of what each feature brings to the table, we can customize the minimum and maximum order amounts to your liking.

For the sake of demonstration, we have set the minimum and maximum order amount to $10 and $300 respectively for the Administrator and Editor roles. We have also added a warning message, as you can see below.

Setting an order amount restriction for Administrator and Editor user roles.


If you own an online store, you must have a minimum order quantity in place. If you don’t specify minimum amount limits, you can lose money on sales. Furthermore, most clients are aware that minimum order quantities are required. As a consequence, installing them is unlikely to bother customers, especially if you run an auction or a donation-based business.

When you use the ELEX WooCommerce Minimum Order Amount plugin, you have complete control over the amount and subtotal minimums for each transaction. You may also define different minimum order quantities for different user roles on your website.

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