Print WooCommerce FedEx Return Labels

How to Print WooCommerce FedEx Return Labels ?

Owning an online WooCommerce store, you are probably going to use one of the prominent shipping carriers like USPS, FedEx, UPS etc. Most of the customers stick to the stores, which has not only great products but also an efficient return system. To maintain an error-free return shipment system, it also requires proper labelling of the return packages in the right manner. Here we take a look at how you can print WooCommerce FedEx return labels for the return shipments using ELEX EasyPost Shipping Plugin and the  EasyPost Return Label Add-On.

Before we go ahead with printing return labels, take a look at how we can go for printing labels for FedEx on your WooCommerce store. 

Print WooCommerce FedEx Labels

Let us take a look at how you can print FedEx shipping labels, on your store using the  ELEX EasyPost Shipping Plugin.


  1. ELEX EasyPost Shipping Plugin
  2. EasyPost Return Label Add-On

Configuring the Plugin Settings

To get your shipping option work, you need to enable the plugin and then enable the real-time rates to display on the Cart and checkout page. Check out all the basic settings to be done, to get FedEx shipping method to be enabled using the ELEX EasyPost Shipping Plugin.

Here we take a look at how to enable Label Printing on the plugin:


FedEx Label printing settings

Here we select the format in which we want the label to be printed. EasyPost supports PNG, PDF.ZPL and EPL2 formats. You also need to mention the sender address which will be used for communication. There is also an option to fill the Return address, which we will look into in the later sections.

Once these settings are in place, you can print your labels on your store.

Obtaining FedEx Real-Time Rates on your Cart

Once your customer places an order on your store, they get to see the real-time rates displayed on the cart and checkout page. Also if you enable the estimated delivery settings, you can show your customer estimated delivery dates for their order.

FedEx REal Time Rates || WooCommerce FedEx Print Return Labels

After processing the order, generating a package for the shipment you get the option to print the labels in the dashboard.


FedEx Label generating

Once you generate the shipment, you get to see the label printing option.

Print WooCommerce FedEx Label

The WooCommerce FedEx Label will look like :

It will contain the shipping service, the tracking number, address etc.

Now if your customer has any issues with the order and wants to return the same, it can be done in a hassle-free manner using the  EasyPost Return Label Add-On.

Configuring the WooCommerce FedEx Return Label Add-on

The EasyPost Return Label Add-On is very handy in terms of usage. All you need to do is configure the return label printing details in the plugin. Apart from the regular EasyPost settings, when the add-on is activated, you get the Return Label tab visible in the dashboard setting.

WooCommerce FedEx Return Label Print

Here you need to enable the “Return Label” option. You also have the option to set the Return option to enable in the EasyPost plugin settings. You can also set the by default shipping services you choose for your return shipment. Here we use FedEx services.

Return Shipment Email Settings

You can also configure the email settings, required for the notification to be sent to the concerned parties. The customer as well the shop owner needs to be intimated regarding the shipment being returned.

Also, the add-on allows you to compose the email as desired, by filling in the settings correctly.

The add-on also lets you auto-generate labels and email it to the customer, shop owners or any other specific email address provided by enabling the Auto-generate Return Label.

Return Shipment Failed Notification Settings

If by chance, the return shipment fails to deliver because of using any other service apart from EasyPost, then you can also set the add-on for generating emails specific for the failed shipment notification.

ELEX WooCommerce EasyPost Return Label Add-On | Return Shipment Failed Notification Settings

EasyPost also lets you add a different address if you want to process the return shipment using a different address other than the shipping address.

Once these settings are done, you can simply generate a return shipping label for your order.

Printing WooCommerce FedEx Return Labels using EasyPost

Now, when you have enabled the WooCommerce Return Label add-on, you get to see the Return label print option in the order, in the dashboard. If you have multiple items, you can generate separate Return Labels for each.

WooCommerce FedEX Return Label

You can check for specific items as well as quantity, for which you want to generate the label and then print the same to affix on your return order. The WooCommerce FedEx Return Label will look like :

WooCommerce FedEx Return Label

Once the label is printed the return order can be affixed and sent to the shop owner.

To Conclude :

This is how you can generate and print WooCommerce FedEx Return labels for your  WooCommerce store using the  EasyPost Return Label Add-On and the ELEX EasyPost plugin.

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