Shipping Dangerous Goods

How to identify dangerous and prohibited goods while shipping through Australia Post on your WooCommerce Store

In this article, we take a look at how to identify dangerous and prohibited goods while shipping through Australia Post on your WooCommerce Store. Let us glance through the details that we need to focus on while shipping dangerous goods.


If you are into selling certain products, which require safe shipping or certain restrictions to be maintained, then you need to choose the right shipping carrier. If you are into a business dealing with potentially difficult or dangerous items that are to be shipped, then you need to focus on the shipping guidelines strictly. Australia Post is popular in offering remarkable services in shipping-certain goods that fall under their exceptions in dangerous and prohibited goods. You need to be extra careful in sending certain items via Australia Post.

What is not allowed?

Certain items that are not supposed to be shipped are :

  • explosive items
  • highly-inflammable items
  • and radioactive items.

What is allowed?

Australia Post allows certain kinds of dangerous items to be shipped, which fall under certain conditions and are specifically packed in the safest way adhering to the packaging guidelines. Australia Post allows certain, but very limited, permitted quantity of some dangerous goods. These goods are categorized and allow certain kinds of shipping services. Most of the dangerous goods are allowed only by the road to be shipped. Austalia Post aggregates, certain goods and items into several classes or categories to specify, which you can send via Australia Post.

Lithium batteries are also dangerous when shipped incorrectly. It presents a fire and safety risk while transporting. When you are shipping via Australia Post, they have certain guidelines, on how to ship these lithium batteries for both international and domestic shipping. Australia Post allows only Lithium-ion (rechargeable) and lithium metal non-rechargeable to be sent. In the domestic shipping, only two individual cells or four batteries that are installed on a device is allowed to be shipped. Damaged or batteries that are non-conforming are not allowed to ship. You need to focus on the shipping guidelines, as mentioned by Australia Post, before shipping.

Note: You cannot send lithium batteries to Macao, Germany, Laos, and Italy.

Here are some of the classifications mentioned by Australia Post.

Shipping Dangerous Goods Shipping Dangerous Goods Shipping Dangerous Goods Shipping Dangerous Goods

How to label the Dangerous and Prohibited items sent via Australia Post for identification?

Shipping labels come handy, whenever you ship your items using any shipping carriers. It is like the identification mark that communicated the intermediary people who handle the packages to handle with care or caution. Most of the shipping label contains symbols that inform the shipper or the transit points to ensure how the package needs to be handled. It is important to place the shipping marks on the package to ensure that the packets are handled accordingly.

Here are some of the common shipping marks used.

Shipping Dangerous Goods

It becomes easy to be spotted and will help the transit centers to handle the package with care.

How to set the Dangerous and Prohibited goods from your WooCommerce Store?

If you own a WooCommerce store, and you are selling certain products that come under dangerous and prohibited goods, you need to set the individual products with certain settings that help to categorize the product. Accordingly, the shipping options will be provided for the product.

In the individual product settings, you can see an option for dangerous goods, when you enable the same, you get to see the dangerous goods declaration ., wherein you have to check the dangerous goods to be selected.

Shipping Dangerous Goods

Here you are provided with unique UN numbers, that are essential for packing and shipping the products. There are several UN numbers, that are used via shipping for each category of dangerous goods. It is important to include the right UN number for your products, else they are rejected to be shipped. It is also important to specify the country of origin. Once the order is placed, you can generate the packages and then the shipment.

Shipping Dangerous Goods

Upon creating a shipment, you get the shipping label.

You can print the labels for the same, and then affix on the package.

Shipping Dangerous Goods


To Wrap Up,

This is how you can ship dangerous and prohibited items via Australia Post, which falls under their shipping guidelines

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