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How to Hide All WooCommerce Shipping Methods when Free Shipping & Local Pickup is Available?

Providing customers with explicit options than confusing them with multiple options which can create ambiguity is not the ideal way to keep your customers happy. Whenever a customer is up to purchase some products, and want to pick up a shipping service to receive their products; rather than listing out all the possible shipping methods available, it would be ideal to just list the available and feasible shipping methods. In order to do so, in WooCommerce, we have interestingly plugins that help the retailer to hide the woocommerce shipping methods when free Shipping is available.

So, what are the popular WooCommerce shipping methods?

WooCommerce offers shipping methods like Flat-rate, Local Pickup and Free Shipping. Apart from these, there are other shipping methods, which can be included using the popular shipping plugins in WooCommerce.

Let us take a look at how you can hide shipping methods for a store when you enable free shipping.

Hide WooCommerce Shipping Methods when Free shipping is available in the Code Snippet way

WooCommerce offers plenty of ways to enable hide other shipping when free shipping. One way is by using code snippets. The code snippets can be added to the functions.php file and then exected.

But a code snippet is much quicker for any developer or an expert in coding. For the rest, to make the work is easier, we have WooCommerce plugins like ELEX Hide WooCommerce Shipping Plugin.

Hide Flat-rate and Local Pickup when Free shipping is enabled

You can easily hide the other WooCommerce shipping methods when free shipping is available using the ELEX WooCommerce Hide Shipping Plugin, which can easily help to do the same :

Take a look at these following steps to hide shipping methods :

Once these above settings are done, then you can set the shipping methods to be hidden:

Shipping methods to hide || Hide F

Upon saving, whenever a customer purchases any product in the clothing category and for which free shipping is available then the other shipping methods are hidden .

So you can see that Free shipping is the only option available for shipping in the cart for the customers.

To Wrap Up :

Using the plugin, you can make simple settings and then disable the other shipping methods easily when free shipping is available.


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