How to Easily Set Up WooCommerce Price on Request?

Are you planning to embed the “Price on Request” feature in your WooCommerce store? Check out this article to find out how to easily set up WooCommerce “Price on Request” employing ELEX WooCommerce Request a Quote plugin!

Adding a WooCommerce request a quote option to your online store enables customers to ask for pricing on specific items by completing a form or clicking a button. Some plugins allow shoppers to quote prices themselves depending on the plugin that you use. 

However, the WooCommerce request a quote function mainly serves as a way for them to get in touch with you so you can give them a quote. If you sell custom products or are involved in B2B operations, this functionality comes in handy as it gives you more time to put together a pricing analysis.

Numerous B2B and custom product enterprises are interested in receiving WooCommerce quote inquiries. Certain enterprises may necessitate a ‘catalog mode’ in which prices are concealed and the buying process is deactivated. It is possible for clients to request customized quotes and engage in negotiation until a consensus is reached.

What is WooCommerce Price on Request?

WooCommerce Price on Request is a strategy used for specific products in your e-commerce store. This approach does not directly display the price on the product page. This strategy is beneficial for products with variable pricing structures or those that require a consultative approach to determine the final price. Instead of displaying a fixed price that might not accurately reflect the final cost, “Price on Request” prompts customers to initiate a conversation, allowing you to gather essential details and provide a personalized quote.

Let’s imagine you run a WooCommerce store selling custom furniture. Here’s how “Price on Request” might work in this scenario:

  • Product Page
    You have a product page for a “Rustic Coffee Table.” The price wouldn’t be displayed on this page. However, you would have a clear and informative description highlighting the table’s features, such as the type of wood used, different size options, and customization possibilities.
  • Request a Quote
    Instead of an “Add to Cart” button, the product page would have a button labeled “Request a Quote.” Clicking this button would direct the customer to a quote request form.
  • Quote Request Form
    This form might ask for details such as the desired size of the coffee table, preferred wood type (e.g., oak, walnut), and any customization requests.

Once the customer submits the quote request form, you’ll receive a notification within your WooCommerce dashboard. You can then review their request, understand their specific needs, and send them a personalized quote reflecting the chosen size, wood type, and any customizations.

Advantages of Using “Price on Request”

There are several advantages to incorporating a “Price on Request” option for specific products in your WooCommerce store:

  • Customer Engagement
    By prompting potential customers to initiate conversations, you can gain deeper insights into their specific needs and preferences, building stronger relationships and tailoring your offerings to effectively address their unique requirements.
  • Sales Potential
    Interacting with potential customers through the quote request process allows you to craft personalized quotes that address their exact requirements and strategically suggest upsells or cross-sells.
  • Complex Product Pricing
    “Price on Request” eliminates complexity by keeping product pages clear and facilitating a smoother buying journey.
  • Transparency
    Providing informative product descriptions and transparent quoting practices can build trust by empowering customers to understand the value proposition.
  • Targeted Marketing Opportunities
    Analyzing customer inquiries from quote requests can help refine product offerings, tailor marketing campaigns to specific customer segments, and ultimately drive targeted sales.

Why is the ELEX WooCommerce Request a Quote plugin ideal for you?

ELEX WooCommerce Request a Quote plugin enables you to toggle your WooCommerce store to “Request a Quote” mode for both simple and variable products. You have the option to conceal product prices and the “Add to Cart” button for all or specific products. The plugin automates email notifications for customers and the admin for every action, such as quote requests, receipt, approval, or rejection. 

Moreover, customers are only required to pay once the store owner approves the quote request. You can also integrate a lightbox to allow customers to view the WooCommerce quote list and submit quote requests through a single tab without switching between multiple tabs. Additionally, you can add a fixed or floating quote list icon on your website, which, when hovered over, displays the items of the quote list for requesting quotes.

ELEX WooCommerce Request a Quote Plugin

Highlighted Features 

  • Add to Quote button – This button functions differently from the Add to Cart button, allowing customers to place orders for bulk quantities of products by specifying the number of products after selecting them from the shop page or product page.
  • Remove Add to Cart – This option allows the removal of the Add to Cart button from both the shop page and product pages in order to display the Add to Quote button. Additionally, the display of both buttons simultaneously is also possible.
  • Include/Exclude products – This feature provides the capability to include or exclude products individually, based on categories and tags, from being available for quote requests.
  • Include/Exclude user roles – This function enables the selection of user roles to activate or deactivate the ‘Request a Quote’ option for them.
  • Custom Templates -This functionality enables the setup of custom templates for email, Google Chat, and SMS notifications that are triggered for both customers and the admin.
  • Custom Request a Quote form – Unlike the typical WooCommerce checkout process, this feature allows the provision of a separate custom form for wholesale buyers to complete when placing an order.
  • Trigger notifications – This feature provides options to configure notifications that will be sent to the admin via email, SMS, and Google Chat when a quote is submitted.

Easily set up WooCommerce price on request

The following guidelines will guide you through setting up the ELEX WooCommerce Request a Quote plugin:

Install and Activate the Plugin

Go to the Plugins section of your WordPress dashboard and click Add New. Install the plugin by searching for “ELEX WooCommerce Request a Quote.”. Activate it after installation.

Plugin Settings

As soon as the plugin is activated, you will find a new menu option called “ELEX Request a Quote” in the WooCommerce settings. Plugin configuration can be accessed from this section.

Request a quote


General Settings

You can control the following aspects of “Price on Request” using this tab:

General Settings of ELEX WooCommerce price on request

  • Enable Quote for Out-of-Stock Products
    You can decide whether or not to allow out-of-stock product quote requests. You can use this strategy if you plan to restock the product in the future and want to capture potential customers’ attention.
  • Display Quote Button
    Specify where you want the “Request a Quote” button to appear – on the product page, the shop page, or both. By controlling where customers see the quote request option, you can control how they interact with it.
  • Open Quote Form
    When the customer clicks the Add to Quote button, you can decide what action to perform. The drop-down menu offers two options for you to choose from.
    open quote form
    By clicking on the Add to Quote button, the customer will be taken to a new page containing the quote form, where they can add the products and fill in the order information.
    new page for woocommerce price on request
    A pop-up window will appear displaying the selected products and the order form if you select this option – in a lightbox.
    quote list for woocommerce price on request in light box
  • Set up the Form Settings for a quote request
    When a customer submits a quote request on your store, you must retrieve the customer’s details. A form needs to be set up on the quote list page to facilitate this. Creating forms can also be done with HTML or simple codes, but again, they are quite time-consuming. With this plugin, you can create a form with required fields that are also mapped to the corresponding variables of WooCommerce order fields. Consequently, quote processing will become simpler. 

configuring quote form for woocommerce price on request

  • Quote Message
    The message that appears after a product is added to the quote list can be customized. A message such as this can confirm the addition and provide instructions regarding how to request a quote.
  • Quote List
    Adding a ‘Clear List’ and ‘Add More Items’ button to your quote list page is possible using configuration options. By modifying the presentation of your quote requests, you may encourage customers to include additional items in their requests.
  • Choose a Page to Display the Quote List and Request Form
    In order to request a quote, select a page that lists the selected products and their quantities. A quote request form will appear on the same page.
    quote list for woocommerce price on request

Hide Add to Cart & Price

Using this tab, you can hide the add to cart and product price from product pages and exclude certain products.

Hide price for Woocommerce price on request

  • Hide Price
    Hide the price of the product from the product page, the shop page, and the quote list page in order to prevent customers from quoting a price to match the minimum price. When you enable the hide price functionality, the hide add to cart button is automatically enabled on the shop and product pages.
  • Include Products
    To hide the add to cart and product prices for specific products, categories, or tags, enable this option. Once you enable ‘Hide Add to Cart’ for both the shop and/or product pages, it will be hidden for all products.
  • Exclude Products
    Use this option to prevent specific products from being added to the cart based on their category, name, and tags. After enabling ‘Hide Add to Cart’ for both the shop and/or product pages, it will be hidden for all products. If you want to exclude specific products and enable the ‘Add to Cart’ option for those products, use this option.

Notification Settings

It’s important to send notifications to the admin when a customer requests a quote. You can set email, SMS, and Google Chat notifications to be sent to the administrator. The notifications will contain order details and customer information.

You can enable a feature to hide add to cart and product prices for selected products, categories, or tags. By default, notifications will be sent to the admin’s email address, but you can add multiple email addresses. Additionally, you can select the order statuses for which customers will be notified via email.

Enabling debug mode allows you to examine email, SMS, and Google Chat request and response logs to identify and rectify any errors while sending notifications.

  • SMS Notification
    To enable SMS notifications to the admin, you can turn on the SMS notification option and input the necessary details. To set up SMS notifications, you need to register with Twilio using your phone number and email address to obtain details such as Twilio SID, Token, and Twilio Mobile Number. Then, you can input the mobile number where the notification should be sent when a customer requests a quote.

SMS notifications

  • Google Chat Notification
    You can send notifications to the admin’s Google Chat by setting up a Webhook URL. When a customer requests a quote, a notification will be sent to the designated person’s Google Chat. To get the webhook URL, go to the Google Chat widget of the recipient, click the arrow button next to their name, and select “Manage Webhooks.

google chat notification

Last Shot

Incorporating a “Price on Request” system strategically and following industry best practices can serve as a powerful tool for engaging with customers who require custom pricing or have specific needs. This approach facilitates communication, enables personalization, and ultimately contributes to the overall success of your WooCommerce store.

A well-implemented “Price on Request” system combined with the functionality of the ELEX WooCommerce Request a Quote plugin can convert potential customers into loyal customers. This is achieved by demonstrating a commitment to understanding their unique needs and providing exceptional service.

“Price on Request” provides a strategic approach to product pricing within your WooCommerce store, encouraging deeper customer engagement, uncovering new sales opportunities, and simplifying your pricing structure. By implementing this strategy effectively and delivering outstanding service throughout the quote request process, you can transform your WooCommerce store into a customer-centric platform that promotes trust, and loyalty. This approach enables you to differentiate yourself from competitors and offer personalized service, providing a better customer experience.

Don’t forget to check out the premium version of the plugin to explore more features!


  1. Can I quick edit WooCommerce prices?
    You can find all products in your WordPress admin panel by going to Products > All Products. Choose Edit from the Bulk Actions drop-down menu after selecting the WooCommerce bulk edit products you want to change. Finally, click the Apply button.
  2. Is it possible to enter my own price in WooCommerce?
    The price labels are managed in WooCommerce -> Settings -> Products -> Custom Price. Activate the Custom Price checkbox on the Product Edit Screen -> Product data section -> General -> Enable the Custom Price checkbox.
  3. What is a quote request?
    Requests for quotations (RFQs) or Request a Quote, sometimes referred to as invitations for bids (IFBs), are documents that request price quotes from suppliers.

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