How do I live chat on WordPress? A detailed Guide

Customer is the backbone of your business. Hence it is important to keep your customers happy for the success of your business. Building great customer experience through various communication channels will keep customers happy. It also helps to retain customers. Most businesses prefer to use live chat plugins to keep a clear channel of communication with their customers. Live chat has become an integral part of the business. With live chat plugins, it is easy to provide prompt responses to customers augmenting the overall satisfaction level. It is found that most customers return when they are getting prompt responses. On your eCommerce platform powered by WordPress, there are numerous ways to keep your customers engaged. The prominent one among them is the WordPress live chat plugin, which offers umpteen responses to customers and also enhances their experiences.

Why is live chat important to business customer support?

Even when many channels exist in communicating with the customer, live chat seems to be much more convincing, as it gives a personal touch to it. Here are a few reasons why live chat is important to business :

  1. It is a convenient way to keep the customers engaged and glued to the conversation in an instant.
  2. Quicker and faster responses to the clients help to maintain the standard of communication.
  3. Live chat is ideal for saving costs unlike phone or other services.
  4. It enhances the competitive advantage, which helps you gain customers.
  5. Live Chat saves time.
  6. Live chat increases sales by providing umpteen support in pre-sale as well as after-sale support.
  7. With prompt responses, a long-term relationship can be established with the client.

When to use the Live chat plugin?

Live chat is preferred when :

1, When you can keep an assigned operator to chat with your visitors on the webpage.

2. It is ideal to increase the conversion rate and you genuinely want to grab the attention of your users to drive them to be potential customers.

3. When you really want to see and understand how your website is used in real-time.

4. Live chat is best when you want to proactively support your customers online or offline.

What are the basic characteristics of a live chat plugin?

Live chat plugin is essential for communicating quickly with a customer. Here are some basic features that are counted as essential features for a WordPress live chat plugin.

  1. Clean and neat interface.
  2. High reliability and scalability.
  3. Can handle high load.
  4. Customizable visitor message pop-ups.
  5. It can produce an alert when a visitor logs in.
  6. Find out who all are live visitors.
  7. Customers can mail a self-copy of the chat.
  8. Proactive chat messages can be initiated.
  9. Customizable themes for the widgets to suit the website.
  10. Offline message delivery.
  11. Real-time visitor monitoring.

If you consider a live chat plugin for WordPress for customer interaction, there are a lot of advantages. For most visitors who get a proper response on chat, there are chances for them to get converted to a genuine buyer. Moreover, when visitors who chat, visit your webpage, they tend to re-visit the website again rather than the visitors who do not chat.

The drawback of SaaS-based Live Chat Plugin

If you look at the trending tools that are used by most of the businesses, you can find so many SaaS-based plugins that can be incorporated to give the look and feel of the chat. But when you consider data security, SaaS-based plugins take a step back into it. Here comes the importance of WSChat – a WordPress live chat plugin, which can be easily installed on your server and used.

Data security is a serious concern in a SaaS-based plugin. Moreover, as your data is with the third-party, any mishap to the server means your customers will have to wait until it is up and running. This might cause you to lose the potential time, which can have an impact on customer trust. Power outages, connectivity issues, periodic maintenance, etc. are some of the other major problems you may have to deal with in SaaS-based plugins.

What is WSChat WordPress live chat plugin?

WSChat is a simple live chat plugin for WordPress. It is designed to make the online customer engagement experience effective. It enables multiple agents to interact with customers at the same time on a single dashboard on the website. This is a lightweight plugin, for chat integration on WordPress. WSChat improves site performance as well as gives you complete data security. Unlike other SaaS-based popular chat plugins, WSChat is operated right on your server, hence no external API calls are made. It works independently with WordPress. Another important feature of WSChat is that it is easily integrated with WSDesk – a WordPress helpdesk support ticket system.

Price | WSChat | WordPRess Chat Plugin

WSChat has a decentralized system and is a self-contained plugin, which can work on your server independently.

Features of WSChat

There are numerous features of WSChat, which makes it a powerful WordPress live chat plugin in use.

  1. Real-time conversation with your visitors

    Whenever users visit your page, you can immediately start conversing with them at an instant without wasting much time. A real-time conversation will augment your customer interaction as well as increase the possibility of gaining a customer through good conversation.
    Real Time Chat | WSChat

  2. Attractive Themes for Chat Widgets

    The chat widget can be customized with specific themes and colors to suit the needs of your WordPress themes. Various options are available with WSChat. Customize chat themes that will suit the appearance of your website.
    Modern widget |WSChat |WordPress Chat Plugin

  3. Grab information on active users

    With WSChat it is easier to keep track of your visitors who are visiting your page. It is easy to track even unregistered visitors to the website through the Active Visitors Dashboard. In this way, you will never miss a potential user.
    Live visitors tracking | WSChat | WordPress Chat Plugin

  4. You can easily initiate an agent side conversation with your visitors

    Proactive conversations will help you grab the attention of your visitors.
    Agent Initated Chat | WSChat | WordPress Chat Plugin

  5. The intuitive and mobile responsive design interface

    Being AJAX based, the plugin has a responsive design and is simple to integrate into WordPress and use. The interface is simple to use and yet exceptionally functional enough to use.
    Mobile responsive design

  6. Pre-Chat Form

    Whenever you are offline, you can still keep your visitors engaged with a pre-chat form. A pre-chat form can be easily set up inside the chat window when your support team is offline. With extensive customization of your Pre-chat form, you can also collect various data related to products or services from your users.
    Pre chat forms | WSChat | WordPress Chat pluginPrechatEnabled | WSChat | WordPress Caht Plugin

  7. Extensive Customization

    WSChat comes with features that let you customize the complete chat widget.
    Widget Setting | WSChat | WordPress Chat Plugin

  8. Unlimited Agents

    Unlike other chat plugins for support purposes, WSChat lets you add unlimited agents. Most of the plugins charge you with respect to the addition of an extra agent. Hence, WSChat is much cheaper.
    Unlimited Agents | WSChat | WordPress Chat Plugin

  9. WSDesk Integration

    WSChat can be easily integrated with WSDesk – a WordPress helpdesk plugin. In this way, it is easier to convert queries to tickets and then get the customers the response to their queries faster.
    Ticket to WSDesk | WordPress chat pluginOnce the ticket is moved to WSDesk, it will appear on the WSDesk ticket page. In this way, you can easily build up a proactive support desk team to support your clients in an instant.
    Tickets | WSDesk | WordPresshelpdesk Plugin

  10. Derive proper analytics

    Monthly analysis is important to keep track of the performance of the team. It is also important to understand how the team spent on handling the tickets and overall effort analysis.
    WSChat analysis | WordPress Chat Plugin

How can you easily live chat using WSChat WordPress chat plugin?

Handling online customers seems easier when you can easily keep track of live visitors, which is a prominent feature of WSChat. Track live visitors using the Active Users page will help you keep an eye out and then easily initiate and communicate with the users visiting your page.

Live visitors tracking | WSChat | WordPress Chat Plugin

Another major advantage is that WSChat can let you initiate a conversation or even converse with any number of users who are logged in to your website. This way you won’t lose any potential customers.

Agent Initated Chat | WSChat | WordPress Chat Plugin

WSChat also lets you set up a pre-chat form whenever your support team is offline. This form can keep your support-team live even when you are offline. In this way, you may not lose contact with your customers.

Pre chat forms | WSChat | WordPress Chat plugin

Advantages of a live chat using WSChat

WSChat is a lightweight plugin which is easily integrated with your WordPress site. With WSChat it is easy to install and use without much hassle. WSchat is completely managed on your server, unlike other SaaS-based plugins. It does not make any external API calls. Any kind of information shared by your customers will remain with you alone. WSChat is easy to integrate with WSDesk – a  WordPress helpdesk plugin, which makes the support desk much more proactive. Another exclusive benefit is the completely customizable chat widget as per the appearance of your webpage. Agent initiated conversations are also a major benefit that can glue your customers to your page and even lead them to become a potential customer.WSChat does not come with restrictions on the number of agents, hence it is easy to add multiple agents to your plugin. Majorly your site performance is enhanced using WSChat as it is a completely independent plugin.

Price of WSChat for a single site is $35 for a year. With just $50 you can use WSChat for 5 sites and just $100 for up to 25 websites, which is comparatively a lower price in the existing market. WSChat also lets support agents receive live feedback from their customers that will keep track of their performance.

With a pre-chat setting, it is also easy to predefine your chat page even when offline. You can ask your visitors on which product you need assistance with and it will be directed to the agent using different tags associated with the products. It just eases the process of assigning the tasks for support agents.

PreChatForm Setting

Best Practices to follow when using the live chat

Here are some basic best-suited practices to follow when you are using live chat to interact with your customer to keep a good profile :

  1. Do not let your customers wait much longer. It will cause them to be annoyed with your service.
  2. Ensure that your support team handing live chat is well equipped to handle your customers in a better way.
  3. Make sure that you make use of your opportunity to provide optimum solutions on how they can use the product and much more.
  4. Make sure to use canned responses, which will ease your time.
  5. To get more visitors to your page, initiating triggers to customers who have visited similar pages would be an ideal way.

To Conclude

You can see that WSChat is an ideal live chat plugin to keep a trail of your registered and unregistered users without much hassle. Using WSChat gives your all-round presence to your clients even when your agents are offline. In this way, you can keep your online presence active all along.

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