How can a WordPress Support Ticket System keep your Customers Engaged

Every business aims to safeguard customer satisfaction.
Do you know why?
A satisfied customer plays an undeniable role in the success of the business. Keeping their consumers happy and satisfied with the services of the company is vital for any business. It keeps your business stable and growing. Managing customers has become a crucial part of the business. Hence a healthy tie-up with the customer is important to keep your brand popular. When businesses are involved in streamlining the growth potential, it is important that an efficient Support Team handles queries and feedback from the customer. In a way, it keeps a proper check on the customer and even assists in times of crisis.WordPress offers plenty of WordPress Ticket System plugins to support its users with efficient customer management.

To support businesses to do the same, especially in eCommerce, where there are plenty of customers to handle, use a helpdesk plugin. In the case of a WordPress ticket system, one of the popular helpdesk plugins is WSDesk – ELEX WordPress Helpdesk Plugin.

What is Helpdesk?

The name says it all – A helpdesk assists you when you are in problem. It helps to reduce downtime in the services and helps in the smooth functioning of a firm. A helpdesk is mainly focussed on end-user support. It aims to find a quick resolution with immediate results.

Do we need a helpdesk? If so, why?

Here are some specific needs arising in business for the helpdesk.

Retain Customers

Businesses need to retain good customers as well as bring in more customers to be successful. Every business aims to give 100% to customer satisfaction. When you walk into a local store, which is quite familiar to you, the shopkeeper tends to give you discounts or offers as they are accustomed to you. But it usually never happens when you walk into a big store, where there are multiple products and customers to interact with. If you consider online stores, there is an ideal way to handle each customer individually, giving a unique experience. To handle such a larger group of customers, an effective methodology is interacting with them occasionally.  Helpdesk acts as a point of contact for your customers, to interact or communicate their issues or grievances or even feedback regarding your product or service.

Handling a larger group of Customers

If you are into a large or small business, you are likely to handle multiple customers. As your company grows, it becomes equally difficult to handle customer queries or other issues related to customer support. In such cringing situations, it is ideal to seek the assistance of an efficient helpdesk. It is quite tricky to handle your customers, as the demand for attention never lessens with growth. Uphold your business and help the customer at times of need, all you need is a helpdesk professional,

Better Customer Engagement

Ultimately a helpdesk ticketing system will help you monitor all your customer queries easily using a single system. Using a helpdesk it becomes easy to cross-reference the various conversations to enhance the customer experience. It is used to bring in much more context in the customer experience. Also, it helps in customizing, monitoring and categorizing requests from customers, as well as automate the process to enhance the quality of customer engagement.

Helpdesk deteriorates the confusions in customer interaction, making it much more organized and sync it with the overall process for business enrichment.

WordPress support ticket system

Additionally, in the case of any business, be it offering for marketing products or service, you need a good and efficient support desk. If your business platform is on WordPress, plenty of support helpdesk tools are available to build a strong customer base. One of the most popular WordPress ticket systems is the WSDesk – ELEX WordPress Helpdesk Plugin. It has an all-round fully-featured support system and can be easily integrated onto a WooCommerce platform easily.  Take a look at how you can install and use a WSDesk to make your customer support more streamlined.

Functionalities of a support ticket system

Are you pondering on how a WordPress ticketing helpdesk system can be helpful? To emphasize, here are some effective points to support the reason that helpdesk is a requisite.

  1. Unify all your support channels into a single place

    Most companies offer multi-channel support like chat, video, email or phone. With helpdesk, you can easily unify all these support channels under a single support system. In a way, it is ideal not to let your customers hustle around to get their query clarified.

  2. Better insight into the work done by the support agent

    Helpdesk is not just about supporting the customer. It also helps to monitor the performance of your support agent. It helps you track their efficiency in handling customers as well.

  3. Effective solutions using ticket tagging and analytics

    Ticket Tagging and analytics are quite a convenient way to monitor customer requests. With tagging, the ticket can easily be assigned and resolved in a similar manner. It would be easier to track customer needs and wants.

  4. Proactive assistance using Knowledgebase

    It is ideal if you have foolproof documentation to support your customer at times of need. To guide the customer to the knowledge base documents might ease their struggle to an extent. With the automated helpdesk, it would make it easier to handle requests which are already having solutions in the documentation.

  5. Automated tasks to upscale team efficiency

    When customers are asking for solutions for the same problems, it is easy to automate the process of providing the solution and scale the efficiency of the team.

  6. Create a contextual approach for your customer

    It is important to align your customer request handling to ensure the customer does not feel alienated. Your support team may have multiple resources handling the requests, hence it is important to align the answers to your customer query with your colleague’s answers.

How can a successful WordPress ticketing system help to keep your customers engaged?

Needless to say, customer engagement is a crucial part of a business. Handling customers efficiently and timely is important for a business. It is important to keep track of your customer support functioning if you really want to excel in delivering high-quality services. In order to handle customer queries, use a Helpdesk plugin with automated systems to handle queries in an intelligent manner. If your system is WordPress, then it is ideal to use WSDesk – ELEX WordPress Helpdesk Plugin.  The plugin has countless features that you are looking for in a WordPress ticket system.

Automated WordPress Ticket System – Key to Happy Customers

When is a customer happy? This is when they get a quick and apt solution to their query. To keep the customer engaged, WSDesk has unlimited features that will make your customer support a promising one. To make the customer-support a prompt one, it is important to support the team with a tool that will function efficiently to streamline all the processes.

Major Features of a WordPress Ticket System

Here are the major features that a WordPress Ticket System has to augment your customer interaction.

  1. Offering an excellent and Customized Interface

    With your helpdesk plugin, you can customize what your customer gets to see at the front-end. You can use the plugin to design as well as specify what needs to be mandatory in the contact form. A contact form is a direct interface for the customer with your support.

    WSDEsk form setting

  2. Quick Reply using Automated Reply system

    An automated reply generated from the support system will keep your customers assured that the issue is being looked at. With your auto-generated emails, the customer is ensured that his issue is in right hands. It also acknowledges that the company is taking care of its customers. With  WSDesk, it is easy to generate automated emails to the customers on submitting a ticket to WordPress ticket system.
    WS desk Automated Reply | WordPress Ticket System

  3. Reducing the response time to similar queries given by the Customer using Canned Response

    The canned response feature gives the support team flexibility to answer every query which is closely related and requires the same response. A support team can save a response and can reuse it later at some point when a similar query comes from another customer. The support agent can select the tickets in the WordPress ticket system which requires the same answers and then draft a single response to all. Significantly it makes it easier for the support team and also reduces the burden of replying to the customers separately.
    Cannedresponse | WordPress Support Plugin

  4. For a quick response, use Autosuggestion feature

    Consider a scenario, when a customer is putting up their query in the Contact Form. This auto-suggestion feature can solve their query quickly. It can be done by replying to the query with a matching tag obtained from the selected blogs and displaying to the tickets in the WordPress Ticket system.
    wsdesk autosuggestion
    This has to be done by setting the AutoSuggestion to Enable beforehand as shown above. In this way, customers get autosuggestion from the support and can solve the query themselves at times. With automated suggestions, the customer is pointed to the knowledge base wherein all the basic required details are provided, which ease the customers work.
    Auto suggestion check | WordPress Ticket System

  5. Easy assignments using Automated Workflows

    With an efficient helpdesk ticketing system, the support team can auto-assign or even assign requests based on tags. Also, they can even reply accordingly to tickets with preformatted settings within your support ticketing inbox. In a way, it saves you from all the hassles in assigning the tickets and your customers get a quick response.
    Easy Ticket allocation | WordPress Ticket SystemTicke

  6. Augment Customer satisfaction with a feedback form

    So you see, customer service is vital for a business to grow, hence to keep a customer happy it is important to seek feedback on the service offered. It gives a better perspective on what the customer has in mind and how much you have delivered. In a way, you can use improve the customer relationship with an effective feedback system. Use WSDesk to make an impressive feedback form easily. A customized Feedback form can be made in the Form Settings in WSDesk.


If you consider getting a five-star rating from your customers then it would be ideal to use a completely automated WordPress ticketing system like WSDesk. An automated intelligence-powered helpdesk eases your work and lets you streamline the entire process related to the customer. Certainly, if you keep your customers engaged, you can retain your customers easily. To enhance your helpdesk support system there is another add-on worth using which is the WSChat plugin, where a support team can dedicatedly support the customer in real-time.

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